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Woodpecker and Weasel

Nostalgia. A trip down memory lane. The most bizarre of things can heighten your senses and throw you back into a different time and place. The smell of the sea so salty it stings your nose; the sound of seagulls chattering above you, comparing the fattest chips to eat; the taste of a knickerbockerglory, so sweet and creamy, sliding down your throat like a cool massage. All of these things have the power to conjure up those special memories … childhood holidays, squabbles with your siblings, that orange Donnay jumper you swore you’d swear you’d never take off (true story) and once they’re here with us, the nostalgia sets in. I’ve had a huge bout of this since an amazing little package shot through my letterbox containing what felt like moments from my childhood, visiting me, reminding me to look back and smile. Woodpecker and Weasel, you brought tears to my eyes with joy and memories. Now I’m going to share them with you!


The sight of sea shells always catapults me back to searching for them on my hands and knees before lunch on the beach – egg sandwiches covered in sand! The smell and feel of them always makes my tiny hands seem smaller like mine in childhood. When I opened my box from my lovely Postie, my eyes instantly brimmed with tears.


Inside the enormous clam shell is a smooth lick of rose gold paint (so elegant and SO on trend!). The gnarly, rough outside hidden from view when you lay it down. A natural centre piece – whether it be in your oh-so stylish living room or in your glam area like mine! The shell is perfect sized for holding those trinkets that are so precious! My bangles, bracelets and many rings have found a glorious home that helps them shine in pride of place.

I am so in love with this rose gold lined sea shell. It’s large enough to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand and sturdy enough to lay evenly on a hard surface. The large scallop shell is that perfect throw back to family holidays where your hair would forever smell like salt-water and sand would get everywhere!


Scents and smells are famous for being able to conjure up moments lost and forgotten – such a power, the sense of smell that one whiff can hurl you back, forward, sideways and up-ways! Well, not only did the box smell like a long walk around a Cornish harbour at dusk but the actual candles moulded into the scallop shells had me in full flash back of the time my little sister promised she liked cockles to make our poorly Nanny smile – she didn’t and has never like cockles, bless her!

Candles are such a focal point in any house these days and these gorgeously precious shells filled with smells of vanilla and lavender are the most unique piece of homeware I’ve ever had the luck to come across. They aren’t conventional, they’re a talking point but they completely engross any visitor with stories of the seaside, 99’s and fish and chips!

So nostalgic these shells make my guests that my entire visits, planned around Pimm’s and beer pong, have been altogether consumed by the sweetest of memories and an altogether feeling of really appreciating every moment you have!


 I have completely fallen in love with Woodpecker and Weasel and everything they do and stand for. I implore you, please take five minutes to hop on over to their store – you’ll lose yourself in the amazing trinkets and lovely pieces. I really believe that a store like this should become so unbelievably successful and loved by all!

Find Woodpecker and Weasel here!

After taking an hour to write this post, after sitting with tears of love, joy and memories in my eyes, I want to thanks Woodpecker and Weasel form the bottom of my heart. They’ve helped me remember sadder days with people I’ve lost and they’ve helped me see those days with love and happiness. I will forever cherish my bits from them and they are happily taking pride of place in my home, now as an adult, once the child with sand in her hair and ice cream on her face.




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