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FORZA / Stir It Slim

So, your summer bod isn’t exactly what you’d imagined in January when you were killing it on the treadmill and sweating every morning. Let me tell you something, I feel ya! I have tried, tried and tried to get me some of that hot Kylie Jenner body that is going around, and you know what? I am just not there! I have exercised, dieted, decreased my portions and cried over the state of myself. Yep, I LOVE body confidence, but life seems to have got in the way of me being so fit I could quit my job and become and Instagram Celeb. It’s my own fault really, the cocktails called me, I fell off the running machine and I think I ate too many BBQ snacks. Luckily, my best weight-loss friend reared his head in time to salvage some Summer lovin’!

Step in Forza’s brand new Stir It Slim!

forza stir it slim

Forza has been my go-to brand when it comes to a healthy lifestyle of meal replacements and diet supplements. I’ve tried a number of their products and always end up coming back to them to help me out when I need to kick start my on going battle with the bulge.

Stir It Slim is a brand new take on the meal replacement shakes they are famous for. We’ve all heard of the hugely celebrity endorsed brands that have a similar line and ethos – but Forza have always and will always wipe the floor with them in my opinion.

Forza is leagues above for many reasons! The taste of their shakes and stirs are always so near to the intended product. their shakes literally are like a chocolate milkshake – so luxurious and creamy that it seems like a cheat rather than supplement of slimming.

Similarly, their Stir It Slim range moulds itself on hot drinks – namely fancy coffees and hot chocolates. And let me tell you, if you’re a fan of lattes, caramel lattes and hot chocolates, you’ll feel as if you’ve just popped to Costa or Starbucks rather than snuck in a 204 supplement to get you through your day!


Obviously, when I was testing out this amazing product we were in the midst of the sweatiest bloody heatwave going! I ended up sweating off full faces of make up and great hair styles while working and reaping no benefits of bronzed shoulders and beer gardens.

This also meant that a steaming hot caramel latte would not be on the cards! So, I used my blogging savvy and transformed my little hot drinks into the most delicious iced coffees I’ve ever had! They were so close to the real thing that the only thing that was missing was the leisurely atmosphere of a coffee shop and the massive slice of chocolate cake winking at me from behind the counter.


I was really pleased with the results too! I was given a six day sample to try out and knew that this would be the best way to kick start any memory of will power and determination I could muster! I found that while using the Stir It Slim products, my appetite became smaller and my stomach found itself shrinking slightly. My evening portions were a healthy size but that nibbling/want to consume everything edible in my kitchen sensation had become lost on me. My skin cleared up – you need to drink lots of water on a meal replacement diet as your body needs it to maintain working properly. Overall, I was happy with the boost it gave my weight loss and it gave me the confidence to keep it up!]

You can find Forza’s brand new Stir It Slim here!

** meal replacement and supplement diets are not a quick fix and not a long term fix. While Forza are a company that is well established and known for their great products, it is not recommended that this is a permanent lifestyle choice. The best and healthiest way to lose weight or maintain a smaller figure is by doing regular exercise and eating healthily and in moderation**




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