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One Year of LoveRosiee

Early September I celebrated a massive milestone for my little life and my little blog. It signalled my Blog’s First Birthday! So, I wanted to take this chance, now that the hype and craziness has died down, to share the things I’ve loved doing the most this year, in my first year of blogging! I also wanted to take a chance to THANK YOU for coming and visiting my corner of the internet, it still astounds me that anyone even cares about what I think!? This year has been an amazing one for me, all made possible by this blog… it’s given me the confidence to change my lifestyle completely, it’s opened up my creativity that had been stifled with the real world and most importantly, it gave me the confidence to leave a job I wasn’t happy in to pursue a life that I wanted to make a success!

First up, I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to cake toppers who sent me the two most gorgeous cupcakes to celebrate my Blog’s Birthday!

1year3 1year2 1year-old

Look at how gorgeous these are!? I was so chuffed when I opened these chunky little muffin sized cakes to see my blog logo and a happy birthday banner had been emblazoned onto them! This company is so lovely and amazing to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to bring in my Blog Birthday than with delicious cake and celebrations!

I am planning on using Cake Topper again for an upcoming birthday for someone close to me as I know I can depend on them for perfect design matches, prompt delivery and gorgeous flavour!

I’ve never had the privilege to taste cupcakes to sweet and filled with flavour! Both the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes had to be helped by my boyfriend (he was only too happy!)

trendyfrog6 covershoot7 mermaidcrown1 forza stir it slim woodpecker1 snap bobbi snapchat pout crownbrush rose gold ring

I have had some amazing and some hilarious blog assignments and I have really learnt what my brand is. I’ve grown so much … gone is the girl that would jump at the chance to work with anyone even if it doesn’t fully reflect my blog. Now I am becoming more confident every day. I politely decline offers and excitedly accept some too! I also have the confidence to approach PRs too!

Blogging really has changed my life in so many ways and it’s been my helper through so much…

early this year I took on a whole rebrand and frightened myself half to death that no one would like it! I have been sent on weird ad wonderful days out and although I’m still yet to get to my first Blogging Event (now I’ve got a different job I’ll be turning down invites less!) I have been able to meet some wonderful friends that I cant imagine my life without!

These friends have seen me through my first 10,000 views on New Years Eve no less; friendship woes, blog plagiarism, negativity in the community and my Blog Birthday!

Although there’s been bumps in the road, blogging has brought SO MUCH positivity to my life and made it all that better! I can finally express myself and be 100% me without feeling like I’m being stupid or hated on!

The look of LoveRosiee has completely changed … it has become more professional and easy to use, but one thing has always remained the same. My love of Roses!

loverosiee-orginial-header loverosiee-2016-header

THANK YOU to everyone and anyone that has ever stumbled upon my blog. I hope you continue to visit me and see where my life and my blog will take me next!





  1. Kayleigh Zara
    October 25, 2016 / 8:05 pm

    Congrats girl on your one year! I thought you’d been blogging so much longer, your photography has also improved so much! X

    • Rosie
      October 26, 2016 / 8:12 pm

      Oh wow thank you!! I’ve learnt so much!! The years flown by!

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