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Autumn Bomber Jackets Wish List

The biggest trend to come back and shake its Throwback-head is the bomber jacket!

I was born in the 90s and my recollection of the original bomber jacket included my greasy haired brother trying to style one out and imitate Oasis and other Mancunian bands … weird swag and all! So, last year, when I saw a few bomber jackets stepping out into the sunlight I was a tad dubious! It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the trend and for the high street to explode with all kinds of bomber jackets! So this is one trend I am thrilled to see making its comeback this Autumn season .. and not only is settling in, it’s breaking the mould with its amazing new styles! Channel your inner Geisha as well as your young 90s throwback as we’re going embroidery, quilted, shiny and silky! Here’s my Autumn Bomber Jacket Wish List!

missguided-bomber5 missguided-bomber4 missguided-bomber3 misgguided-bomber2 missguided-bomber

Let’s start with a staple in any clever girls online shopping repertoire, Missguided! If you know me at all you’ll know I am forever checking this store and buying ridiculous amounts of clothes, jewellery and footwear just to keep my one style ticking over.

They are a staple, when it comes to fashion they are always ahead of the trends and always manage to pull of those styles you would never put together. They really are a flagship for me when it comes to my own wardrobe and how I work in my professional life, blog wise!

So, I was chuffed to do this post and feature the gazillion bomber jackets that Missguided have on hold. Khaki is going to be a massive part of the fashion world coming both Autumn and Winter and Missguided have executed the colour so well! They’ve pulled khaki into centre stage and really moulded into the statemented price it should be in such lovely selections of bomber jackets!

Embroidery and patchwork is going to a massive trend this season as is velvet and again they’ve hit the nail neatly on the head with each of these coming trends! Each and every one of these bombers are guaranteed to be the best quality and the difference between fashion yes and fashion hell yes!

inthestyle-bomber3 inthestyle-bomber2 inthestyle-bomber

I have completely fallen in love with In The Style – mainly due to the absolute babe that is Billie Faiers! She is so gorgeous and has a figure to die for … which I’m told is all hers! Lucky woman! I love how she flaunts her curves and how her line is exactly what every girl with a little junk in the trunk, wide hips and big breasts would want to wear!

So, it was a no brainer that I’d be lusting over In The Style’s bombers as I know they always pull it out the bag at the turn of the season!

The satin look will be really important this season and it is such a durable fabric when it comes to unreliable weather. Bit of rain? No one would ever know with ya shiny self!

Tan and Khaki are dominating Autumn fashion trends so our Bill is right on trend in the centre.

And, I’m sorry but if there is an excuse for me to get my hands on a pink coat I’mma go ahead and take it! The pink number is definitely not that one girl in your class whose mum went to the market and got her Paul’s Boutique replica, oh no it isn’t! This little blush number s so gorgeous, so sleek and so on trend you’ll be slaying with every step!


plt-bomber2 plt-bomber-3

Pretty Little Thing are on point this season with their collection of bomber jackets! They’ve got it all, embroidery, khaki, shorter and longer styles!

I adore Pretty Little Thing and use it as a general blogging reference when it comes to fashion. I also use it far too much and my bank balance hates me … soz not soz!

Again, PLT have gone for satin – seriously guys get your hands on a pastel coloured satin bomber jacket before they all sell out and you’ll be the fashionista crème de la crème!

All of these picks are on trend and you can’t really go far wrong with a brand like Pretty Little Thing as they’re so reliable!

Will you be buying into the bomber jacket craze this Autumn?




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