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Autumn Nurturing

If you take one piece of advice today it has to be to take some time out to nurture yourself and pamper yourself. Autumn is a good time to take a step back and breathe. With nights in becoming the norm this season and time out becoming fashionable this is the perfect time to take a time out and do you! Now is the best time to use Nano Minerals to reset and rejuvenate yourself. With the help of the Health Factory I can show you exactly how to do that!


These two gorgeous packages from The Health Factory were exactly what I needed to inject a little love into my skincare and beauty regime this autumn.

Nano Minerals are used in all of the Health Factory’s products and it works wonders!   They are minute little minerals that are produced in lots of the Health Factory’s products – namely the Anti-Wrinkle skin mist and the Tooth-Ache spray. The beauty of nano-minerals is that due to their tiny size they’re ingested and used by the bod completely.

For example, with my Tooth-Ache spray (I suffer with sporadic wisdom tooth pain because one of them has decided to grow in sideways putting pressure on my other teeth and jaw and ultimately moving them from their places and eventually making my teeth wonky – as you can imagine, very painful!) I simply open my mouth and spray it inside, hold it there for a few seconds and then swallow. Almost within minutes the pain eased itself and I was able to calmly carry on with my day.

With sporadic pain it is tricky to get useful, strong medication so this little handy spray is perfect for me! Not only does it do the trick on even my more painful days but it is so lightweight and small that it fits inside your handbag and can be taken with you wherever you go!


Similarly with the anti-wrinkle mist, it is lightweight and looks smart! It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and look ridiculous on my beauty counter.

Now, you may have seen my little worry on Snapchat [username – LOVEROSIEE18] a few weeks ago about anti-wrinkle cream and somebody telling me I should really be investing in anti-wrinkle creams at the grand old age of 24. Clearly I was not best pleased about that! However, I was very open minded when it came to using The Health Factory’s Nano-Minerals!


While I can’t completely tell you if this mist is working on my tiny wrinkles, I can give you a different sort of insight. I used the spray of a morning before applying my make up. I’d spritz myself, leave it a minute waiting for it to fully absorb into my skin, then go ahead applying my make up like a normal morning routine. What I can tell you is, my skin felt plumper and more full after using this mist for only a week! My skin was clear and stayed a nice healthy glow even in spite of the greying clouds outside! I kept the colour of my skin and have not yet reached into my fake-tan box for making me look less like a dead person!

Would you use The Health Factory’s Nano-Minerals?




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