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How To Up Your Instagram Game

In the last few months I have really tried to up my instagram game. And man oh man is it hard. My once love for instagram has been totally transformed in this past year. What was once a love of having a nose at the glamorous lives people had turned into a want to join in and take a piece of the pie myself. Which then turned into wanting to put out there good quality photography and stuff relevant to my blog. Then the algorithm struck. Oh how we are still reeling from it. This nasty algorithm that reminds us bloggers that if we aren’t seen in an instant we’re  heaped on the completely irrelevant pile. Sigh. 

Some amazing bloggers and influencers have made istagram pods to help us all get seen and they work a charm but I would love to share with you all how I am personally upping my instagram game and what I’m finding is working for me! 

*Instagram pods are small groups of bloggers who let each other know when a new post has gone live to be checked out and liked/commented on if possible.



Be seen on instagram

This might sound ridiculous but it’s the easiest thing to do to up your numbers and get seen. I spend at least twenty minutes in the morning, at lunch time and at bed time on instagram liking and commenting on posts. Also throughout the day when I can I dedicate five minutes about once every hour to liking photos that I find relevant to myself and my blog. It’s ok liking photos of random stuff but I always try to like make up and blog bits or flatlays most! 

Comment on photos as well as just liking them

This is something that if you are constrained by time can be tricky but honestly it will be so helpful for you! I take my time daily to comment on as many posts as I can. I recently found out that comments on three words and under are classed as spam so won’t help against the algorithm at all. 

It’s also a good idea to write meaningful but short and sweet comments. As much as I love a love heart or “love this” instagrammers would much rather a real response and a conversation starter. 

Reply to comments on your own photos

This has the potential to be quite time consuming but it will work and come back in dividends. Keep the conversation flowing, keep the visitor engaged! Ask them what they think, what they’re up to etc. Get them interested on your life updates so they come back for more!

Post more than just once a day

I tend to post once in the mid morning and once in the evening. Through my own research I found that posting at between 8:20 and 9pm I’d get the most coverage and be seen more therefore getting the most likes and comments possible. I post at least twice daily and since doing this I have noticed my followers climb ever so slowly but surely. If I have the time I post during the afternoon too but at the moment it’s a little more sporadic than I’d like. 

Post at as close to the same sort of times each day

Like in my previous point, I keep my posting times relativily the same each day even on weekends. This helps your followers and visitors get a good grasp on when they can see your new posts. Post popularity can depend and you can find that out for yourself by taking a look at your analytics so find out what works for you! 

Come back for part two of how I’m upping my insta game! 





  1. Alice Beesley
    August 3, 2017 / 2:34 pm

    Can’t wait for part 2! Been hovering around 698-700 followers for weeks and just can’t seem to make ’em stay!

    Alice x | http://www.invocati.co.uk

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