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Winter Is Coming | Hotter

Hotter shoes are the HOTTEST (pun intended) shoe store on the high street for all your Autumn/Winter fashion needs!
Amazingly, I have been chosen to work with them on their amazing Winter Walks campaign and here it is!
After working so hard these past two years on my little blog, I am beyond proud of myself to be sharing this with you!
So, please enjoy my take on the Hotter Winter Campaign – Winter Is Coming to Royal Windsor with the fabulous Hotter!
What’s your favourite Winter shoe? Are you a boot person, a sturdy winter shoe one or a welly lover? Either way, Hotter has your back, and your feet!

Chelsea Boots are my FAVOURITE Autumn/Winter fashion item. With a good quality Chelsea Boot supporting my soles, I can walk miles, venture anywhere and truly enjoy all of the beauty that this season has to offer.

I am ridiculously fortunate in that I live in the quaint little town of Windsor, ya know, where the Queen lives? Windsor is filled with hidden gems only locals would know about; quirky little niches ready to be explored; large open spaces just wishing you to play in.

Windsor is the epitome of beauty.
Leafy and rural with a massive castle set right in the middle but close enough to London that within 20 minutes you’re in the centre and among the hubub! It is the place I grew up in and came back to a an adult. It is my home and the future home of my family and it is a pure delight.

What’s your perfect Winter Walk?

Mine has got to be a stroll with my love along a leaf-strewn path, swaying to avoid big puddles that are lazily sat in the sunshine warming up. Wrapping up warm in a huge winter coat to protect yourself from icy gusts that threaten to get inside your cuddly layers. Massive blanket scarves that wrap around your entire upper body and tuck inside your coat for extra protection. And, of course, the most comfy Hotter Chelsea Boots.

Winter walks should consist of misty mornings that the sunshine burns through with the promise of cold air but no water. The crunching sound of leaves long forgotten by their tall trees breaking through the still air; the heat of the low, winter sun warming your cheeks. Long walks towards Windsor Castle, avoiding the odd moody cow, skipping along past the River Thames as it gently slopes towards the sea. Queenie’s castle smiling at you on he horizon as you make hot chocolate pit stops and dip into country pubs for respite from the cold and rain.

Windsor and Hotter really are the perfect match for the most ideal Winter Walk.

Hotter for me win the shoe competition every time. Their shoes are not only affordable but last the test of time, from one season to the next. The Hotter store in Windsor Highstreet is one I always found myself visiting growing up, I am a shoe addict, so popping in there and seeing their displays of real leather shoes and beautiful boots made me happy every Saturday.

The shoe-a-holic in me brought out the early blogger and I have always favoured a Chelsea Boot over any other boot for my tiny feet. I am only a minute size 3 and find that some boots make my feed look ridiculous. I can’t go too far into boot heaven without hitting clown feet or silly small looking tootsies. Or, worst ever, the kids section. While this serves its purpose when I am bargain hunting or in the summer, for Winter, you NEED  sturdy boot that will keep your feet comfy as well as looking their best!

Hotter does it every time!

You can find these gorgeous Hotter Chelsea Boots by hitting this link!

What would make your Winter Walks perfect?





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