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Falling for Autumn

I have fallen for the most beautiful season of the year. Autumn. It’s here in its glory, the beautiful berry colours of the leaves; the chilly mornings that leave your hands bitten by the cold; the fashion and all the happiness of what’s to come as the year yawns and stretches towards the “C” Word! I HAVE to share with you the bits I have fallen for this Autumn…

Autumn is all about the waves in your hair and nails on your fingers. When it comes to fashion I have written many, many a post about Autumn fashion trends I am LOVING – find them all here!
But Autumn is about so much more..

Let’s talk Lee Stafford for a minute shall we? If you’ve ever been to my blog before, you’ll know that I am Lee Stafford obsessed! I love his range of Hair Oils, Hair Mists and Tongs, I’ve featured them many a time before on my blog. On a Sunday you’ll find me shopping in my local town of Windsor, snooping at all the new Lee Stafford bits and adding them slyly to my shopping list and Christmas mini list!

And recently, I’ve been getting #chopsticked!

I’m all about low-maintenance beauty in the Autumn, Lord knows that as soon as your primp and puff your locks, you step outside into rainy or wind and it’s ruined. However, with Lee Stafford’s Chopstick Curling Wand, you can create Autumn waves effortlessly and as loosely or neatly as you need – so perfectly and easily that a huge gust of English wind wont unsettle your barnet!

Better yet, the wand is ceramic coated so will not damage your locks and is lovely and thin with a swivel cord making it even easier to use!

I’ve used the Chopstick in the mornings as full ‘do and with the help of Lee Stafford hairspray, the look has set all day. I’ve also used it to breathe a bit of life into my locks after a long day at work! Either way, my hair is always set up, hot to trot, good to go with minimal damage and extra low maintenance!

Autumn for me is massively about scents. If you don’t already know, I am a fragrance ADDICT! I love testing out new scents, I am obsessed by floral aromas and I have been known to buy 3 bottles of perfume in one shopping trip. My window sill in my bedroom is like a shrine to all things pretty looking and smelling and Chemist 4 U has only enabled my obsession to grow!
I adore this gorgeous Ted Baker fragrance – it is so perfect for long Autumn days when all you want to do is sink back into a long hot bath. The gorgeous floral scent lasts all day and the bottle is iconic in its design. Chemist 4 U do Autumn fragrance for him and for her so easily with this Calvin Klein body wash! My man was very chuffed to see this waiting for him after a long day at the grind!

Ciate is one of my most favourite brands in the Nail care world and I couldn’t help but get my hands on some of their more funky nail art boxes. I love nail art, I love playing with my nails and I love being able to show off cool designs. And, with Ciate I am able to do that. I went for a feather look that I thought would look wicked cool at Halloween. I also went for a velvet look manicure as I am in love with Velvet for Autumn! I am all about textures and layers so a velvet nail is definitely something I want to try out!

I was seriously lucky this month to receive a bumper package from the amazing Kiss Nails and Alex Silver PR filled with amazing Kiss Nail transfer goodies, a gorgeous knuckle duster style clutch bag and an amazing necklace that says “Rosie”.

Kiss have the BEST range of nail inserts and transfers and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know my Stories are filled with their entire range, how to apply them, how long they last and a whole lot more!

These gorgeous nail transfers are perfect for Autumn! So ridiculously low maintenance but also so chic and classy. I love the stiletto shaped ones the best and the matte set in mauve are my number 1! I can’t wait to get them on as soon as I possibly can!

What have you fallen for this Autumn?

You can find all of the bits featured by hitting the links below!

Lee Stafford Chopstick Wand

Chemist 4 U

Kiss Nails





  1. mayfisher90
    October 29, 2017 / 10:14 pm

    Such a nice article ! In autumn I love getting new candles with lovely sense ❤

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