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MAHI Birthday Wish List

It’s ma birthday, it’s ma birthday. Well, almost! Yep, this month I am turning into a mid-twenties adult. I use the word adult as loosely as possible because we all know I am the biggest kid going. but yes, as of this month, I will be stepping into a quarter of a century, closer to thirty than twenty, my twenty fifth year!

And to celebrate my birthday I am putting together a thousand wish lists for a thousand gifts I’ll always want. 25 is, after all, a pretty big birthday! It’s a big one that deserves a huge wish list of things that will last forever and that can be cherished for the rest of my life. Not too much to ask then.

Well, yes, actually. When it comes to the amazing Mahi, the brand acclaimed by QG and everywhere at the moment, that isn’t too much to ask at all!

Mahi is one of those brands I have been seeing everywhere recently! When I looked more into them from their amazing social media pages I was so pleased to see that each and every item is hand made to order – can’t get more unique than that can you!?

It takes just one day for each piece to be lovingly made (account for four more days if you want something personalised, but hell yes I would!) and with every order, Mahi donate money to ledge for clean water across the world.

So, if I thought they sounded too good to be true before diving into their amazing ethos and even better products, I am stumped now!

Here, I have picked what would be on my wonderfully endless birthday wish list from the amazing Mahi!

I love how each piece seems almost distressed with an already built in sense of story and pre-love!

I am not gonna lie to you. These picks were not at all hard to make! Nope. Within minutes of sneaking onto their cute website, I’d picked all of these items effortlessly. And there’s so much more to pick too! These items simply reflect my taste down to a T so I couldn’t resist sharing them with you in my birthday wish list!

I love anything personalised – even if it’s personalised with my boyfriend’s name! I’ve been begging him for a dainty necklace with his name on it for me for months (big boobed ladies, men catching a peak of your goodies, what better way to deter them then a piece of jewellery saying Dave or Nathen or Dean!?)

So, if my new make up bag, laptop case or Ipad case could be embellished with my initials or even my beau’s, I’d legit be buzzing!

Back packs are, like, so in right now! I love the trend but every one I’ve tried on makes me look like a small turtle trying to escape! These from Mahi, however, are a dream! And, I would sacrifice turtle life for a piece of this leather pie any day!

If you’re like me, you’ll be toiletries and wash bag crazy! I have about a gazillion wash bags, from Ted Baker to Victoria’s Secret and more. And, yep, they are all full. To the brim! 


I love nothing more than a good wash bag for when I get away. You’d think the first thing I’d be packing was a sexy negligée but oh no, no, no! Any excuse for me to whack out my wash bag, my miniature toiletries and room to steal the hotel goodies!

What do you think of my Mahi Birthday Wish list?





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