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Can we talk about…

Can we talks about happiness.

Happy – “the feeling of showing pleasure or contentment”

Happiness is so underrated. It is also so hard to achieve. It is something we all strive for and something that once achieved is so fulfilling and wonderful. It is something we can choose to spread and we can consciously choose to stop in others.

Let’s just talk about what happiness is to you?

Is it waking up every morning and feeling alive? Or seeing blossom bursting out of the corpse of the derelict branches of Winter? Is it seeing your loved ones face light up with joy and love?

Spring is on its way and with it comes so much happiness and potential for much more. Spring means blossom, fruits, summer, sunshine. Plans are made and not always executed, adventures are penned and holidays are booked all in the hope of happiness sweeping over us and embodying everything around us.

Happiness is also finding exactly what you’re looking for and more!

This spring season sees lots of different trends in the fashion world; be it statement sleeves, frills, suits of embroidery.

As a blogger I am the world’s biggest perfectionist when it comes to what I wear, put on my blog and what I encourage my amazing readers to use. So, when these amazing patches fell into my lap recently I couldn’t help but get excited about them! Purple Sharks UK are smashing it with these patches!

I’m excited to share them with you as the company are a new one and I love to share the love with growing brands, but also because … look how cute!

Can we just talk about how perfect they are? They’re like the amazing Dork Face stickers that can be patched onto your jeans! They are perfect for everyone and anyone!

If you aren’t a girly girl or you aren’t all fashion cray then these are still perfect! Purple Shark have so many diverse and amazing designs that are so easy to apply! Just square them up to whatever material you want and iron those babies on!

I actually have completely fallen in love with these patches that I haven’t fully committed to permanently securing them to any of my clothing yet because I can’t resist taking photos of them and having them as unique blog props that are so on trend!


Let’s not talk about anything else for a little while, let’s just bask in the glory of spring, fashion and Purple Shark!

Find these gorgeous patches and more by following this link!

Purple Sharks UK

Be happy!





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