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Best Blogging Apps

Are you a blogger? Are you struggling to get your head around schedules, full time work/uni, blogging and having a life? Welcome to the club. Not enough hours in the day? Not enough good sunlight to take good blog photos? Yeah, you’re preaching to the choir! So, I thought I’d be a little helpful blogger (why thank you!) and help you out with my favourite apps to use that will transform your blogging life from hectic to hell yes!


Your biggest and best tool to use for blogging. It was consistently the one big driver of traffic to my blog, it is one I enjoy using and it’s the app that always seems to grow for me. It is an amazing platform for blogging and a brilliant way to get into direct contact with brands. I have been approached so many times on twitter and without it my blog would not be what it is today! You will start small (i’s inevitable and none of it happens over night, I’m a  year and half in and still not nearly as successful as I’d hope) but use my tips (massive tips post from me here) and slowly but surely you’ll make amazing friends, become part of the community and reap the benefits!


Us bloggers, we have to stay relevant, we have to look like we’re about all the time and it just isn’t always possible. Sometimes you need to put the screens away and get back to the real world, sadly sometimes you have to go to work (cry). So, that’s where my favourite scheduler comes in so handy! Tweetdeck is the best thing since sliced bread with cheese slices. Serious. It is set out in the best way, it is so easy to use and it is limitless!

Going away for four weeks? Schedule your tweets on Tweetdeck and don’t worry your pretty little self! Wanna schedule through the night for transatlantic blog friends/views (which I highly recommend by the way!) Tweetdeck ya self silly!


Another fave of mine.  A brilliant medium to get your blog photos seen, to be artsy-fartsy and to grow your brand and blog! I am addicted to Instagram and since my lovely blog pals and I have learnt how to cheat on that algorithm we’re flying! Find out how I managed it here!

Insta is so easy to use and so brilliant for a good stalk of everyday things as well as fellow bloggers, blogger mail and brands. It is not a massive one for traffic for as yet, but I am working my little fluffy socks off to become a top influencer and the sky is the limit! Get your blog on Instagram right now!


While I am a touch sporadic with how much I can physically contribute to Snapchat, don’t think I aint watching! I give myself a little time each morning and evening to watch Snap stories (and Instagram stories) to see what everyone’s been up to. I follow all sorts, bloggers, influencers, vloggers, brands and celebs. I also contribute exclusively for my blog – no personal bits because, let’s face it my normal life is pretty boring!

My snapchat is another extension of my brand and I use it to my advantage to help build momentum and traffic and gain over here on my little blog!

Make sure you come back for the next part of my Best Blogging Apps for more tips and helpful hints!

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  1. Rosie
    April 16, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    Scheduling tweets is SUCH a life saver! It’s my bible! Also I love a good blog snapchat. When you start one let me know so I can follow!

  2. May 18, 2017 / 3:56 pm

    I’m still not that great at Twitter but I try my best haha. I just always wish I could type more!

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