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Blogging Hacks

Blogging. It’s a whole world of photography, writing, researching and lots of other busy things! If you are lucky enough to blog full time you will be super busy blogging and doing all the things needed to run a successful blog. If, like me, you work full time and blog on the side, you’ll go to work for maybe 45 hours a week then come home to your blogging baby. It can be stressful and the bloggers I know handle it so well – but we all need blogging hacks to help ridiculous long winded things become easy-peasy!

The biggest blog trend at the moment? Not sure? Take a quick flick through your Instagram and just count the amount of times you spot a marble background – whether the photo be for a flat lay or just some sunglasses. Marble is blogging big right now! If you aren’t on the marble hype – are you really a blogger!? (Just kidding!)

marble brown

marble close

I started my blog around 6 months ago and as a newbie I had no idea how to create these gorgeous marble backdrops and amazingly edited photos – so, I asked the amazing blogging community. And, together, we came up with THE best blogging hack of 2016!

marble flor

To make my marble backgrounds on a very small budget could not be simpler!

What you will need:

  1. Large sheets of cardboard
  2. Rolls of marble covering (which can be found here)
  3. A heck of a lot of precisionBecause these gorgeous marble sticky back plastic things are so inexpensive I bought two different types. I have to say, the grey one is more popular but the gold one reflects light really nicely. So, to achieve this ultra-simple blog hack, you need to get some large pieces of cardboard, I always go for squared shapes as it’s better for my attempts at flat lays. The sticky back plastic come on rolls sos there is minial measuring required to gain the perfect coverage. All you need to do is lay the correct amount up to the cardboard to check it’ll fit, then peel it off and CAREFULLY stick it down, making sure there are no air bubbles that will spoil the look.

    And it’s as simple as that! Remember, flat lays are all about good lighting and negative space – but with this blog hack will have you on your way to blog perfection!

    Here’s an example of how I use mine – both for blogging and for those important Instagram photos!

    shoes on marblemarble on maya

  4. xxx


  1. March 13, 2016 / 6:16 pm

    Haha, I totally use this hack too (except I have a massive roll of marble paper which I lay out). Such a great tip x

    Xtina G Says..

  2. March 15, 2016 / 2:49 pm

    This is an amazing hack!! Now I just need to find a place I can buy that in Denmark 😀

    xx Anne / Annesmiles

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