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Gin In Spring

Spring has sprung.

The blossom is blooming and washing over us as if we are brides (Nikki from Love Laugh Lipsticks knows – go check her blog out, she’s a massive legend!), the Sun is not only out but it is warm and welcoming, and best of all, it’s pub garden weather. Are you really a girl form the UK in the summer if you don’t flock to the nearest cute little pub garden with all your mates as soon as the sun creeps out from behind those rain clouds? Hell, I do it! Day drinking has taken over from nights out clubbing and summer dresses have overtaken from sky scraper heels! But, I think I may have found a killer for the pub garden. Tiger Gin is a gorgeous blend of fully British Gin that will have you seeking the garden of your own home! Here’s my take on Tiger Gin with a delicious Strawberry Tiger Gin Collins!

Now, I am not a gin expert by any means – you’ll have to speak to my beautiful sister for that – but I know a good quality gin when I see one! I recently got in touch with Tiger Gin via my social media channels and found that I loved their ethos. Being a fully British company, made, distilled and bottled in the UK, I was happy to help share the love! I also loved their Social Media channels and their use of pretty photography! So, I though, me being a cocktail addict I thought I could have a go at making Tiger Gin into a cocktail I KNOW you will all love!

Strawberry Collins

Crushed Ice

Tiger Gin – 25 ml

Woo Woo Funkin Cocktails Mix

Soda to top

Novelty Happy Hour Glass is optional!

Tiger Gin is such good quality and it really transforms the cocktail into a luxurious and thirst quenching drink – perfect for Summer garden parties and evening watching the sun drop low into the sky!

The spices and depths of flavour are so tangible and diverse but it all comes together so beautifully that even this Gin neat isn’t harsh or over bearing! I love Funkin Cocktails and find them to be the easiest party aid, so always have them on hand to help my garden parties!

This cocktail is so easy and delicious, I’ll be avoiding the pub in favour of a Strawberry Collins until the heat is unbearable. And, let’s be honest, this is England after all!

Have a wonderful Spring day and enjoy yourself safely whether you’re at home or at the pub.

Remember, drink responsibly!





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