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Dainty Gems and Rose Gold Delights

What’s your favourite item of jewellery? What does jewellery mean to you? Are you a less is more person or flood yourself in all that tinkles? Have you got that one piece of jewellery that transports you back to a time way back when? JewelleryBox have partnered up with me this week to transform your jewellery box from a neglected tangle of cheap necklaces and trinkets into a Narnia of anklets, bracelets, rings all filled with silver and rose gold delight! Come and find out about all of their Dainty Gems and Rose Gold Delights!

jewelley box

“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique” Jennie Kwon

The packaging of any jewellery tells you all you need to know about what secrets lurk inside. JewelleryBox are no exception when it comes to dressing up their gorgeous products. All of their lovely pieces arrive in an old school brown paper style wrapping tethered together with string and dainty pegs. Such a treat!

jb packaging

jewellery box

Unravel the string, unclip the tiny peg and open your package! You’ll be greeted with these delicate boxes in which your treasures lie. The treats keep on coming!

flat lay jewellery box

“Life is too short to wear boring jewellery” 

Inside, you’ll find your Dainty Gems and Rose Gold Delights! I was in love when I opened my packages to find three gorgeous elegant little bracelets, all fit with a charm in the centre. The packaging kept its theme of pegs and brown paper and it let the lovely trinkets shine out!

jb closeup

This gorgeous rose gold bracelet with arrow motif is gorgeous. A little shout out to all those days where you are secure on where you’re headed. Dainty rose gold chain hangs on your wrist in perfect fashion. The weight of the gorgeous arrow centres it on your wrist. A statement piece of jewellery or an addition to a minimalist look.

jb closeup 2

A silver sliver of colour to break up an outfit. A feather in the middle to signify peace or love or the passing of someone of great meaning to you. A representation of freedom and of love to be worn proudly on your wrist on any and every occasion.

jb closeup3

Rose gold infinity rings, linking together eternally and beautifully. A perfect bracelet for showing your love for that special person. Rose gold catching the light and the connection of the two rings pulling focus away from other pieces of jewellery – this is definitely a statement piece!

rose gold ring

This absolutely gorgeous and timeless infinity ring – so small and delicate! The more traditional take on infinity and its meaning – the motif is small and hidden. Blink and you miss it. Kept for that special person you’re promised with. A special addition to your jewellery collection – one that wont go unnoticed but the meaning is kept intimate and private with the small infinity sign.

.jb 1

JewelleryBox are lightyears ahead when it comes to what’s on trend and what it’s audience wants. The tiny details when it comes to packaging, design and customer care make them a huge cut above their competitors. They have such a huge list of gorgeous trinkets, jewels, accessories, rings … you name it, they’ve made their own gorgeous design. One of the best companies I’ve worked with since I started blogging and one whose website I find myself trawling constantly!


“For me, jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive”

white wash




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