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Non-Touring | What is it?

Hands up who LOVES to contour? It’s a HUGE make up trend that has taken the make up world by storm! If you’ve visited my little corner of the internet before, you’ll know I am a big fan! It’s big business right now – every week new contour brushes, pallets, powders and creams are coming out on both the high street and from high end brands alike. So, don’t freak out when I tell you that the new trend Non-Touring may suggest the end to it all?

**Non-Touring – the new trend loved by super models and VS Angels alike, skipping the contouring stage of applying your make up and instead going for a more dewy, strobed look – highlighting to the max **

Yep, that’s right girls! That gorgeous but time consuming trend that we’ve spent hours trialling, preening and perfecting may be on it’s way out!

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So, what is it?

Non-Touring as the big officials are putting it is a better and more light weight version of applying your make up. The expression I’ve heard so much while researching this topic is that it’s like wearing Spanx or suck-in pants – it gives the illusion of shape. Bit of a strange comparison but whatever tickles your pickle!

So, the likes of Kendall, Gigi and Blake Liveley have shown a love for this trend. I mean, who remembers Blake on the red caret recently – she was glowing and gorgeous and her make up was stunning! That’s Non-Touring!

The idea of this new trend is that it is much lighter and highlights your best bits rather than covering them and using the illusion of shadow. It is all about the highlighter with this trend!

Another good point of this look is that it takes minimal products – experts advise you prime and/or use a tinted moisturizer/BB Cream (I personally couldn’t live wthout my Garnier BB Cream), and highlight! Simples!

Here’s my top picks of highlighters for this trend!

Benefit Watt’s Up – a big winner in the blog world right now!

Make Up Revolution Highlighter Palette

BarryM Contour Kit – my personal fave!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish


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