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Cover Shoot Cosmetics

Hands up who loves make up? Hands up who loves make up that wont break the bank? Keep your hands up if you love both of these and good quality cosmetics? Ok, ok, put your aching arm down I see ya! You know me, right, Bargain Blogger, and you know I ALWAYS find the best make up bargains for you. Well, relax my little friends, I’ve done it again! Cover Shoot Cosmetics. A new brand to be sold on your highstreet … I’m not going to reveal in which shop until the end to just show you how good I am!

Want good quality? Check!

Want low prices? Check!

Want high street bargains? Check!

Enter, Cover Shoot Cosmetics!



This little box of goodies found itself on my doorstep this week and it was filled with all the things a girl loves to receive. A bundle of make up and helpful self grooming items – namely the Twist Pot Nail Polish remover. I can reveal that this product in particular is bloody brilliant and the nail artiste inside of me has risen from the ashes into the phoenix she once was! Watch this space for Nail Art posts coming VERY soon!

Cover Shoot is a relatively new brand but my oh my have they hit the nail on the head with what we want. All hail their market research team because they listen! I received the above mentioned nail polish pot, two small eye shadow pallets (one poppy and out there and the other more muted an subtle – both perfect for the Autumn transition), an eye brow kit and a contour kit!


Now, you lovely lot … you’re not going to make me say it are you? OK, well, if you really didn’t know (where have you been, I’ve officially been blogging an entire year now) I am a contour addict! I have got every contour kit imaginable and I am constantly contouring myself and other people. It’s my favourite make up trend, well, ever! So, when I spotted a contour kit we all knew it was a forgone conclusion that it was going to get tried, tested and given the selfie/blog test!


Look how pretty! These products certainly look the part! Their slim line, all black packaging makes them perfectly Instagrammable (basically a currency for brands these days) and I was so impressed with the quality, feel and care of each product. I was half expected gloopy messes of sticky products and charcoal colours that would never look good. But shame on me, in fact each and every Cover Shoot product was the opposite!

They are all really well made and you can tell that this is a brand with their customers in mind. The pans are the perfect depth and large enough for your beauty blender not to snag or pump product everywhere! The pallets themselves are on the larger side but a slim and light in weight so can be slipped away discreetly or dragged around when you’re out (if you want to… we all know I’m that girl that looks good in selfies in my bedroom, goes out, drinks 3857 porn star martinis and her make up melts off from dancing at too many nineties throwbacks!).


I’ve had really expensive contour pallets and products feel sticky and heavy on my sensitive skin. I’ve had make up that cost more than my mortgage (slight exaggeration) blotch and not blend. Cover Shoot have nailed it with their contour kit! It is creamy without being like a slick of oil, it is set without having to drag it along your face and it blends so well to give you a flawless finish! I will say that the highlight pan I was sent is a little too pale for my summer skin (still clinging on to remnants of a tan) but once my Autumn skin has set in, it’ll suit perfectly!

I am always really reluctant to mess with my eye brows, and I am lazy! I never pluck them which luckily fits in with the latest eye brow trends. I have had so many bad experience with all kinds of eye brow products and they always seem to turn my eye brows orange. I was really sparing with my use of Cover Shoot’s eye brow kit but the little I used really did work on my virgin-brows and I was pleased with how they turned out … no orange brows to be seen!

So, now for the big reveal. After telling you how much I’ve loved testing the Cover Shoot Cosmetics and what good quality they are, I’ll let you have a little guess of where you’ll be finding them on the high street this Autumn…

If you thought Boots or Superdrug you were wrong. You can find these amazingly good quality items of make up in your local Poundland and Savers!

Yep, I’m being deadly serious. You can get your hands on one of the BEST contouring kits and some of he best quality make up I’ve had the fortune to use in your local Poundland… for a pound each! Pick your jaw up off the floor, grab your coat and get to Poundland! and Savers!

You can also shop these items from the comfort of your sofa! Hit this link and have fun!

Will you be trying some of the Cover Shoot Cosmetics?




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