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Glasto Hair

OSummer is the ultimate Festival season! Glasto is right around the corner and it is always high up in the style stakes. With headliners like MUSE, The Last Shadow Puppet, Ellie Goulding and Coldplay you’ll want to look your best but not have to constantly fuss. So, I’ come up with a genius hair idea that is no filler and all killer – quick application/updo in your tent in the morning and you’re good to go all day! Here’s my Glasto Hair post!

So, first thing’s first. I love love love having my hair down, I only have it up for work or sweaty days. But this ‘do does involve putting your hair up – but with a twist!

glasto hair before 1Yep – we’re going full on bunches with this one! I know I am resembling a German lady selling beer at Oktoberfest but I am totally embracing it! The key to this look and why you have to go for pig tail bunches is because of the parting down the middle. So, scrape up your hair in even half portions and put them into either messy buns or little cute ones like mine. This style works well on fairly dirty hair – a LIFE SAVER for festivals, ya’ll are welcome! So you can keep doing this look for the entire festival if it suits.

For fly away hairs, I apply a light layer of hair spray onto an old tooth brush and smooth them down. Another win for greasy hair is that your hair will become more flat onto your head!

glasto hair applicationNext, get your hands on some Metallic Tattoos – these are big business this summer so you can find them almost everywhere. I’ll leave links at the bottom if you’re struggling to find some! Pick a long/straight style metallic tattoo that will sit nicely on your parting. I will reveal which one I went for a little lower down the post but this style is quite free so feel free to unleash your inner metallic mermaid. As long as the tattoo is straight and thick-ish it will work perfectly!

glasto hair metallic tattoo

Next step is to apply the metallic tattoo just like you would if you were applying it to your skin. Grab a warm, damp flannel/sponge wedge and get dabbing away. This process really doesn’t take long but you do have to take some care – don’t apply too much pressure to the area or you’ll risk pushing the tattoo to one side or forcing it to slide down. Not a good look! This works really well with greasy/dirty hair again as the damp sponge doesn’t do too much damage to the look!

glasto hair after glasto hair selfie

And there you have it! The most simple style for Glasto but so lush and effective! Like me, you can then apply the metallic tattoos anywhere on your body for extra cuteness!

I love this look – and it’s so easy to undo too which is great for late night drunk stumbling back to your tent. I literally peeled the tattoo out of my parting and although it involved a little hair pulling it wasn’t entirely unpleasant! It leaves no residue and you are good to apply another tattoo the next day! Or you can wash it out – totally up to you!

This look is super simple but also super Boho and Chic! Perfect for Glasto and any summer festival! Your hair is out of your face and you’re good to get dancing and drinking!

Find some metallic tattoos here:







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