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You may remember a couple weeks back I did a post on the hottest make up trend of the year. Baking. Kim K is one of the bigger famous fans of the look and my post was a how to and pros and cons. Find the post here. At the bottom of that post I promised that I would be brave and try the look myself. So, here it is. LoveRosiee on Baking.

image image

Baking involves adding translucent powder over the top of your make up and leaving it on to “bake” your look that will banish blemishes and enhance your killer contour. I’d heard SO much about this new trend and the brand I chose to use was Ben Nye and his lovely Banana Powder. Unlike some baking products, this one will not break the bank and you won’t end up crying when you ultimately wipe it off your face!

Warning: this powder gets EVERYWHERE! And this isn’t a look for a quick application of make up. No siree! This is a look for when you have hours of time to spare and you can truly pamper yourself. This look took me a grand total of 40 minutes. A lot of time compared to my normal regime. So bake away for pure pamper and luxury. Beware though, your nose hairs will turn yellow as well as absolutely everything else that comes into contact with flakes of your translucent powder! It’s super simple to get ride of though so don’t sweat it!


This is me before. I’d done my hair previously to make the process a little quicker. First step is ALWAYS to prepare your face. I always use moisturiser and I am in LOVE with my Garnier BB Cream! I actually am using it instead of foundation now I’ve caught a little sun! It’s amazing!!

Apply your base as normal and make sure your conceal around your eyes lots to make sure the look stays out. I also started a little contour just to see where it would go on my face  then you’re ready to go.

image image

The look is absolutely hilarious I know! I felt like I was ready to go to a Carnival or a circus as a clown. The look was so hilarious and not at all like Queen Kimmie that I had to get photographic evidence and show my boyfriend. As soon as he saw me all he could say through laughter was “you look ridiculous”. But I am just about to look fabulous daaaahling! 

You know I told you this look is not for a quick look? This is where that starts! To get the ultimate use out of this look you need to leave it on your face to “bake” for a minimum of ten minutes. This for me was a dream! I checked my Twitter, I did some jobs and I also sat and did nothing… Basically what I do when I get ready normally!

image image image

This is me ten minutes after putting on the translucent Banana Powder. You can see it hasn’t changed much and it does a good job of setting the look and blurring those evil blemishes!


Here is the finished look. The picture does it no justice at all. As soon as I finished my make up I felt like Beyoncé ready to take on the world! 

image image

My contour may not be the best generally but baking certainly helped me feel chiselled and ready to go! Yes, this look is time consuming but you will literally feel like Kimmie as soon as it’s done! I’m aware that there is a lot of my face in this post but it’s an amazing transformation!

image image image

Conclusion… I bloody love baking! I have almost no blemishes, my lines are blurred perfectly and although my banan powder ultimately made in to the bin I will be doing baking a lot more so who the hell cares?!

Will you try this look?




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