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The Addiction is REAL

I bet you can guess what my latest obsession is, can’t you? If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that there is sort of theme going this season. I am addicted to perfume! I know, I know, hold the press right! How really cares!? But, the obsession is REAL! And, with the help of the two items below, I don’t see the obsession abating any time soon…

The Perfume Studio London approached me a few weeks ago about trialling one of their really awesome and unique products. Obviously, as soon as I saw the subject of the email, I was in there like swimwear!

The gorgeous Exotic set I received from them is amazing. A chance to create and blend my own version of their exotic perfume.

Let’s first start by saying that this gorgeous item is pure packaging goals. Every single detail is looked at and cared and I fell in love with the packaging before I even opened the box!

Inside, I found a treasure trove! Pipettes, scent sticks, six small bottles labelled things like “floral”, “fruity” “musky” and a large empty bottle with a spritz ready to be filled and enjoyed!

With the help of The Perfume Studio, I can make my own delicious perfume, totally picked and identified by me.

The second thing that popped into my head once getting over the shock of the massive generosity of the Perfume Studio, was what an amazing Christmas gift this would be. But, that doesn’t mean I am parting with this one! I’ll be buying another one for my sister for her Christmas gift! 

I have been shyly playing around with this concoction – too worried to spoil the gorgeous scents or over-do one by accident! I have been gently sniffing and sensing which fragrance matches which and which one highlights the other .. and in time, my unique LoveRosiee perfume will be ready!
The Perfume Studio have different flavours and scents that you can make yourself and I think next on my list will be the floral range. The range I received is the Exotic one and man, it is beautiful. So, let’s see what the Floral one has to offer!
Aaaand, my addiction and obsession will grow. 

A moment of silence for pure beauty and class!

Chanel Gabrielle is my NEW Favourite scent. I know I say this every time I smell a gorgeous perfume but, come on, it’s Chanel.

I have the Chanel Coco Noir but this one really is the cat’s pyjamas! It is so light and floral and it lasts for ever. It has floral notes. Inspired by Chanel herself, before she became the World Famous Coco Chanel; she was known as one hardcore rebel, the most passionate of ladies and carefree. I really see and smell how that is channelled into Gabrielle!

It smells of sunshine, flowers and a rich place far away from dank and dark Windsor on the brow of the hill of Autumn and Winter! It is light and gorgeous and I was amazed to find it in my local Boots store!

While it isn’t the cheapest perfume you can buy, once you go Chanel, nothing else exists!

And, with that, my obsession grows!

I wonder where my perfume obsession will take me next!?

You can buy the amazing Make Your Own Perfume from The Perfume Studio London by clicking this link!

You can buy Chanel Gabrielle directly here, or like I did, through Boots!




  1. Caroline Henson
    November 21, 2017 / 12:56 pm

    Love the idea of the perfume making set! I’ve always wanted to have a go xx

  2. November 21, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    The Exotic set would be perfect as a Christmas Gift! I have heard Gabrielle is amazing! I love perfume too!

  3. Lady Writes
    November 22, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    I’ve got the Exotic Set too and i love how you can make you’re own scent! I’m getting a set for my mum at Christmas too! x

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