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New In | November

How the Hell is it the end of November already!? I swear just five minutes ago I was sunning myself on the beach, drinking a cocktail with Winter and Christmas super far away!? Now we’re fully into the cold season, I’ve even started my Christmas shopping – like, what the Hell!? But it’s not sad, it’s good, the year is hurtling to it’s end and there’s still so much to be happy and positive about!
November already for me has been super busy blog wise and I really wanted to share some amazing bits that have landed on LoveRosiee with you all, so here goes…

New In: November

Beauty on the blog has been off the chain recently. As we enter the Winter months, beauty becomes more and more important. Beauty certainly goes under the spotlight as we enter the Festive Period, it’s all about going out there and dazzling and glittering for Christmas and New Years.

Luckily, I’ll be getting my dazzle on early with the amazing New CID Cosmetics I-Glow Highlight on side!

Now, we all know for sure that I have my fair share of highlighters, highlight products and all the beauty bits needed to make me look as glittery as the friggin’ tin man. I just love it!
Highlighter in the Festive Season is legit one of the most important times to get that highlight popping!
And with the beautiful I-Glow highlight, my glow will literally be able to be seen from space!

Not only is EVERYTHING from New CID Cosmetics pure packaging goals but the bits also are pure luxury while also wont need you to remortgage your house to buy one thing!
I have fallen in love with the I-Glow highlight, I absolutely love how irredescant it is, how light it feels on my skin and how it doesn’t make you look like a complete sweaty mess. We all know the highlighter’s who douse themselves and end up looking like they’ve just arrived via running a marathon – we’ve all been there and it sucks!

With this beautiful glow kit, you will not look like that. It’s super subtle while still is 100% gives you full glow!

But when it comes to good make up, we also need to consider good make up removal right!?
We spend half our lives applying our best face only to wipe it all off at the end of the day – but we absolutely HAVE TO be investing in good and healthy ways to treat our skin when it’s at its most vulnerable!

I generally use micellar water, micellar wipes and good old fashioned warm water for tougher make up with staying power. My skin is super reactive and it shows off straight away if something is too harsh on my skin, doesn’t actually take off the make up and leaves residue or just doesn’t do a very good job of skincare.

I wear make up every single day, just like every other girl who has to leave the house for work! My beauty regime and the amount of make up I wear varies from day to day. If it’s a normal day at work it can be pretty basic; if I have a big meeting I’ll glam up a little more; and if I’m heading out I will always go as glam as I can!

So, I need a robust make up remover for all stages of make up application, layers and removal.

And that’s exactly what the amazing Nivea MicellAIR water does for me! On the daily, I use this amazing water on damp cotton balls just before I hop into a long shower to wash off the day.
I am not even kidding when I say to you that this insane MicellAIR water acts like a magnet to make up and dirt! No need for tough rubbing, no need for over using cotton balls, no fuss – at all!

Goodbye red, sore skin after my shower, hello radiant skin that is happy, can breathe and is gentle on my sensitive skin!
I cannot tell you how much I love this product!
A little goes a long way – but when I first trialled it a few weeks ago I was being really liberal with the amount I used – my fingers have been burnt before with this style of make up remover so I wanted to make sure I could fully review it – open and honestly!

Since I’ve chilled out a little bit and it became part of my daily make up remover and skincare routine, I have seen that you don’t need to soak lots of cotton balls just to get your make up off, you can use one or two and it does the job!

November I am starting to love you – but only because of all my new beauty!

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  1. Pink Serenityx
    November 25, 2018 / 6:49 pm

    This sounds so good need to give it a go x x

  2. Alice Fairweather
    November 26, 2018 / 9:49 am

    LOVE the sound of this Nivea MicellAIR water, I love the water version as my skin is very irritable too! x

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