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Go Fuzz Free

So, aloe vera plants are in right? Bloggers love a good succulent. Every blogger I know had at least one little cactus plant. Hell, Primark even sell min fake cactus plants. So, yeah, I guess cacti and aloe vera plants are in. And they are hella prickly! Apparently, prickly is in? Well no, nope actually nah! Prickly legs will never be in! If you’ve hopped over to my blog you’ll know I am the laziest girl in the whole entire world – if I don’t have to do something, I wont! So, when I was approached by a brand regarding a spray that would discourage hair growth, I jumped at the chance of using it!

This amazing little spray from the Skin Doctors discourages hair growth on your legs and other areas. And, it actually works!

Here’s your ridiculously easy method of how to:

shave/wax (waxing works better as it pulls the hair out form the root but I am lazy as hell so only shave)

pat dry your legs as normal

spray the Skin Doctors Hair No More onto your legs

massage it in

AND, that’s it!


Guys, I am not kidding! It’s the coolest thing ever!

Goodbye prickly legs. So, with prolonged use, the Hair No More mist can get rid of your leg hair for good!

Now, I have only been trialling this amazing spray for a little over two weeks and I’ll give ya a little history of my leg hair… (yes I really just said that!)

I grew into my little pubescent body really really early, I got leg hair and hair everywhere else before other girls stopped playing with dolls. While this hair didn’t start too thick, now that I am the grand old age of 24, my leg hair has gotten thicker. I do neglect my legs – I’ve been with my lovely man for over 5 years, 3 and a half of which we’ve lived together – and strangely enough, he seems to actually like me for who I am! Leg hair and all!

So, I may have exaggerated a little. I am by no means a hippy woman and I am not a free spirit. I do obviously shave my legs, just not as often as everyone else!

So, the No More Hair mist from Skin Doctors is a friggin’ life saver! I cannot tell you how amazing this product is.

Like I said, I have only been using it a few weeks and already my ankle area has a lot less hair; the hair that has grown back since my last shave and application is more downy and thin; I haven’t actually needed to shave this week when I usually would!

Seriously, guys, this is my ultimate LIFE HACK!

Get your hands on Skin Doctors Hair No More here!




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