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Au Naturel With Lee Stafford Hair

If this time of year doesn’t make your inner cave girl/lazy girl come out, then I’m not sure we can be friends.

Just Kiddin’!

In real life I am the opposite of glam (although if you follow me on Twitter you’d already know that!), I am a but of a plain Jane. Yes, I am addicted to buying make up and hair products but I am so a BB Cream and throw my hair on top of my head girl. And, even through these past two years of blogging, I haven’t changed!

So, when I came across Lee Stafford’s new Air Dry range all of my stars aligned and I was buzzing to continue my life as a lazy girl forever more!

Let’s just first take a minute to appreciate how much Lee Stafford Hair are smashing it right now!? I am loving seeing their ranges EVERYWHERE and another exciting feature will be coming this Autumn featuring them! Absolute faves!

So, back to me being the laziest girl you could ever meet!

With this amazing Air Dry range, you can literally wash your hair, massage or spritz these into your locks and you’re good to go!

They are so luxurious and moisturising for your hair and it adds that life and texture to your hair without actually having to style it!

I usually add my Air Dry to my hair once it’s towel dried, massage it in, take some time to sit in my towel on my bed and contemplate life (ya feel me!?) and then either let my hair go au naturel in all it’s kinky wonder or plait/braid parts of it and that’s pretty much it!

The amazing part is, when I am feeling awake enough to make an effort (which is the weekend when I can wake up naturally and watch Frasier in bed to my heart’s content!) I still use the Air Dry Range.

It has protective ingredients that it keeps your hair safe even after heat exposure! On those (rare) days when I make the most of my mop, I spritz my hair, root to tip after a towel dry, then I blow dry and straighten/curl. And my hair has been feeling fabulous since!

The Air Dry Range is really up there with some of my favourite hair styling products. It’s so easy to use and it enables me to continue a life of laziness happily!

You can find the full Lee Stafford Hair range by following this link!




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