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Jaxon Wax & Nail Bar | London

London is amazing, isn’t it?
I’m so lucky to have it on my doorstep, living in Windsor, so I can hop into town as often as I want to. But, my God, is London tiring? The rushing, the swarms of people, the tube… it’s all such hard work. After a full on London day I always feel like I need to sneak off for a little bit of pamper and recoup time.

Luckily, I found Jaxon Wax & Nail Bar – an oasis for hiding away from London life in the centre of it all!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I visited Jaxon to get my nails done this week and I was so pleasantly surprised by the salon and the lovely girls who saw to us, Amy and Emma, that I literally opened my laptop to write this post as soon as I got in!

Tucked away behind the many coffee shops of Blackfriars and in the view of the great St. Paul’s Cathedral, you’ll find Jaxon. None of that sat on the street getting your smalls waxed or walking out into a busy centre with a red top lip!

I was met with a chic, industrial feeling interior that screamed cool and private and a stark difference from the day-glo oranges and overly pinks you can rely on from spas and nail bars! As soon as you step into Jaxon, you feel secluded from the harsh realities of London and welcomed into a hub of pamper!

Let’s talk pedicures for a minute, shall we?

At Jaxon, we were treated the works! Foot massage, aroma therapy soak, exfoliation, heel work and nail prep as well as a choice of Shellac or Gel colours!

It was heaven!

The lovely Amy and Emma really know their stuff when it comes to the best products to use for longer lasting feet care as well as making you feel so welcomed and relaxed and not at all embarrassed – I am really ticklish so was sheepish.

After being transported to an amazing new level of relaxation and with our toes drying almost instantly, I was able to hop over and get a manicure while sipping Buck’s Fizz!

Jaxon has access to only the best nail products and OPI being top choice, I chose to go for the same pink sparkles on my finger nails. Matchy-Matchy Pink!

Emma is really good with glitter works, loose glitter and glitter designs so I was really excited to have her do my nails. She was so accommodating, constantly reassuring me to let her know if I was uncomfortable etc. She was such a pro and her and Amy are a credit to Jaxon – if you go in to have treatments by them, you’d be so happy with their service!

My hands and feet were massaged, exfoliated and pampered to within an inch of their lives and it was pure luxury heaven. The entire time spent in the salon was just under 3 hours and it went by in a flash. The peidcures took the longest amount of time with the ladies putting in as much detail and effort as possible on buffing our neglected toes and the manicure being the little tiny pamper at the end!

I loved my trip to Jaxon and love all the services they have to offer including their Lash Lift. I had a patch test done whilst there for my next visit when I’ll be trying out some waxing and lash work!

Take a your around the amazing Jaxon below.

Here is a list of all the amazing services Jaxon Wax & Nail Bar offer:

Male and Female Waxing
Eye Brow Shaping, Tinting and Waxing
Eye Lash Lifts

The best part of my day at Jaxon has got to be the lovely Amy and Emma.

They were so welcoming and instanlty made us feel relaxed. They work so hard and are so clearly passionate about their jobs and they are such a credit to the company! I loved the work they did on us and I cannot wait to go back for a visit!

Thank you SO MUCH Jaxon and Amy & Emma – here’s a few of my favourite snaps of the day!

You can find more out about Jaxon Wax & Nail Bar here!

Book an appointment with them with the app – just click here!

Give the salon a follow on Instagram for regular updates and nailspo!

Thanks, again, to Jaxon! I can’t wait to come back and get pampered!



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