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LoveRosiee is 2!

This month I am celebrating my little blog turning 2! I never imagined the success of what my blog could become and I am celebrating with a HUGE giveaway!
Scroll down to find more!

Two years ago when I started this little adventure I dreamt of being as successful as Milly and Mona but could never even imagine that one day I would become a fairly successful blogger in my own right and get to work with some insane companies and brands!

So, to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to anyone who has ever hopped over for a read, a nose, a catch up, I am holding a big beauty giveaway on my Twitter!

The giveaway comprises of goodies from Kiss Nails, some of the best Fake Eye Lashes, Mermaid Tale Make Up Brushes and so much more!

Here are a few of my most proud moments from this last year of blogging…


I am SO proud of the hard work and determination that blogging takes and that I have been able to get some measure of success from blogging!

Now, for the fun bit!
Want to enter my giveaway?

All you need to do is follow this link, follow me on Twitter and RT the pinned Giveaway post!

It’s as simple as that!

Thank you so so so much for taking the time to come and visit my blog and enjoy my inner most ramblings. I hope that this next year will bring even more funny stories, silly shoots and amazing opportunities. I’d love to keep trying to help as many of as I can!



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