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Lush Easter Wishlist

As a blogger, I am always asked what my favourite stores are and what’s popular among bloggers. It’s a bit of no brainier really. The biggest skin care store that is talked about (on at least an hourly basis, If my Twitter is anything to go by) has got to be LUSH. It is so loved and sought after that every week I see more and more local stores popping up with Bloggers Events and more. I am a fan of LUSH and anything that involves pampering yourself – I must be a true blogger!! And, this year they’ve really sparked my interest – they’ve released an exclusive Easter range! Here are my top picks from this exlcusive range in store now!


LUSH online


First up in my LUSH Easter Wishlist is this lovely little bath bomb! Following the obvious Easter theme, it is named the Fluffy Egg. I have heard rave reviews of this product and apparently it’s smells gorgeous. This would be perfect to fizz away in a relaxing bath after eating all of that chocolate!


Next up is this gorgeous sparkly soap! It look lush (pun intended) and I love nothing more than the thought of covering myself in sparkles at every opportunity. This soap boasts great exfoliation which I suggest to prep your skin for the well needed Sun tan – come on Easter heat wave! This bar smells gorgeous and depending on the size your opt for, it could be a summer stayer in your bathroom! Definitely adding this gorgeous gem to my bath/shower regime!


Haven’t seen these little beauties before?! Before I blogged I was so in and out of LUSH that I missed all the best trends. But now that I blog and I am kept up to date on a rigorous basis (thank you Twitter and my lovely fellow bloggers), I get to try out of all the amazing secret bits that LUSH has to offer. These Bunch of Carrots come in loose amounts, you can pick as many or as little as you want. They are perfect for Easter – you know, Easter Bunny eats carrots?! You still with me?? They are, like all of The products made and sold by a LUSH, cruelty free so you can lather up guilt free! My local LUSH has an assortment of Easter colours so I try to pick up as many different ones that I can hide in my bag before my boyfriend can see! .


This super cute little Humpty Dumpty is just irresistible! This bath bomb has a little secret!

**spoiler alert**

Once your little Humpty Dumpty has a great fall (you’ll need to crack him open gently) inside you will spot a little fired egg of soap! I mean, what geniuses are running LUSH!  I am sold on that information alone! How awesome is that?! Imagine the Instagrammable pictures! Gorgeous! 


Lastly, but by no means least, is the INFAMOUS Golden Egg! This is just a Golden explosion that sprinkles everything it comes into contact with in GOLDEN GLITTER! Another beauty for Instagram and blog photos! The scents of toffee and cocoa butter will fill your scenes with Easter happiness and have you craving that last little piece of your Easter Egg! Even better if you eat it in the bath!! This is by far the most luxurious piece in the LUSH Easter collection and my by far favourite! 

What would be on your LUSH Easter Wishlist?

Send me your pictures if your bath bombs/ soap explosions on Twitter and Snapchat!





  1. March 26, 2016 / 11:49 am

    I had the golden egg last year and god it took me ages to get all the glitter off my body. Just when you think you’re glitter free, you find another little spec of it! Lush is one of those places I could and would happily spend all my wages.

  2. Becky
    March 29, 2016 / 3:03 pm

    OMG I love Lush, one of my fave ever brands!! Because of Twitter and fellow bloggers I also am able to stay up to date with the latest Lush releases, it’s amazing isn’t it haha!! The carrots look amazing, I need them, and that soap…it looks so pretty!! xxx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  3. September 17, 2016 / 2:51 am

    Saved being a favorite, I really like your site!

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