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Summer Blues | Papaya Clothing

Blue is the colour of the day. A cold colour or a scheme that suits so many. A pigment so diverse it can be perfect for so many seasons. A splash of colour I’m LOVING as we wave goodbye to what was a short-lived English Summer.

Yes, I’ve 100% got the Summer Blues. But, luckily, with my favourite brand of Summer Seventeen, Papaya, we can see out the remainder of rainy summer days in true fashion!

While the bardot and cold shoulder trend has been massive since Spring Seventeen, I am kind of over it. Yep, after devoting my summer wardrobe to the trend (every other item is bardot and I’m not sorry!) it is time to slip into something even more flattering.

Open Shoulder is where it’s at this Autumn! While still completely flattering to those problem areas so many of us have (guilty) it takes the trend in a new and refreshing dimension. I love the Open Shoulder on this wrap dress and I love how light and low maintenance.

I paired this Papaya pale blue wrap dress with leggings (I contemplated going bare legged but the tops of my thighs aren’t so pretty so I saved that for you!) and matching Ralph Lauren sneakers.

I am such a dress down girl now that I am in my midtwenties but this gorgeous dress is so diverse that you could pair it with nude boots or heels and the look would still work really well!

I went super casual on a Sunday stroll in this outfit, completed by a large Guess handbag and Topshop Rose Gold sunglasses, and I was complimented so many times!

This is one outfit I am forever being asked about and I am always buzzing to tell people it’s from the amazing Papaya – the queens of summer fashion and the goddesses of accessories!

Blue is a great colour for this transition period.

So many people seem to be so over Summer (or lack of it) and this dress and complete outfit really bridges that gap of awkward weather and night out etiquette.

I personally cannot go anywhere without a big handbag and the Guess brown bag is one that literally jumped into my arms, through the cash register and into the boot of my car before I could even tell my boyfriend!

Like I mentioned above, I am 100% a comfort girl when it comes to my fashion and I know I am not the only one!

My shoes have to be comfy and with only teeny tiny size 3 feet I am blessed with the ability to shop in both adults and kids for shoes!

These blue Ralph Lauren sneakers are so cute. They don’t make my feet look like boats and they are formal enough to dress up any outfit while still keeping that comfort!

Rose Gold is a whole ‘nother level of trend in the blogging world and I have to say I am fully on that bandwagon. I LOVE Topshop for their sunglasses and accessories and the Rose Gold sunnies featured were actually given to me by a client at work – to reflect my Rose Glasses and sunny disposition!

They are the perfect outfit finisher in my opinion and not being able to wear sunglasses every single day will be my saddest part of Autumn!

Outfit Details:

Open Shoulder Dress – Papaya

Leggings – Papaya at Matalan

Shoes – Ralph Lauren

Bag – Guess

Sunglasses – Topshop

Are you excited for Autumn?




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