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Best Blogging Apps II

So, you used my blogging apps that I encouraged and raved about before, right? (find the first part of this post here) And your blog game has been upped, right? But now you want some more? I hear ya! Welcome back and let’s dive straight into my tops  picks of apps to help get your blog to the next level!


I am so late to the party with Pinterest. I dabbled with it before I had a blog, I started using it when I first got established then it fell into the wilderness of everything else on my to do list. However, in the last few months I have completely fallen back in love with the platform. I love its simplicity, I love how gorgeous it is and how it leads me to live a parallel life where my entire house is white and marble and I am getting married in an Italian orchard!

I love that you can dwindle away hours at a time pinning and saving things for your whole life, not just for blogging. And, I love that if used properly, it can be a big driver of blog traffic! This is not a quick job though guys, and I am guilty of not doing it 100% I need a good full afternoon of no distractions and no looming blogging assignments to sort my shizz out and pour over Pinterest and get all the gains!


My go-to app when it comes to editing photos. I heard about it fairly early on in my blogging life and I have literally never looked back. It’s all frills and no hard work. Literally, by me saying I am the laziest photo editor in the world I mean that Snapseed is so beyond easy to use and to easy to get used to that I am doing minimal with an amazing app!

I edit almost all of my photos on there to sharpen them up or to whiten the background. If I just want a quick filter I’ll Instagram them but, honeslty, Snapseed is where it’s at!


Wanna be cool and chic and add words and pretty decorations to your hard earned blog photos? Don’t sweat and put your debit card away, no need for signing up fees or subscriptions here. Canva is totally 100% free and so easy to use. You just find a text or filter or whatever that you like and replace it with your own photo, words and font. Literally. That’s it. I know, go get it. Download it to your phone for those quick fix photos for blog headers and Insta shots. You wont regret it!


Now, PicMonkey and me, we have a bit of an on/off relationship. Sometimes, it really wants to help out and I use it all the time. Sometimes it’s just one big glitch and wants to eat my hard work. Find me on a good day with plenty of time ahead of me (sadly these days are few and far between right now with minimal sunlight and a 60 hour a week job) and PicMonkey is your best friend!

I am going to compile some more amazing apps that I use to help me keep my sanity and up my blog game so stay tuned tigers!

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  1. Rosie
    May 3, 2017 / 10:53 am

    I have a love hate affair with PicMonkey! It is so tempermental!! I seriously need to up my Pinterest game!

  2. Beccah
    May 14, 2017 / 8:09 pm

    I have tried Pinterest a few times but haven’t managed to get the hang of it. Time to give it another go I think! I’ve just downloaded Snapseed too and am going to look at Canva – not heard of that one before!

    Thanks for the list! I’m looking forward to trying out these new apps!

    Beccah xx

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