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How To Up Your Instagram Game II

WELCOME BACK! Has your Insta game upped yet? Have you taken on some of my tips and ran with them? If you’re still struggling to get your Instagram profile noticed, take a look at my last tips post here! 

So, I’m back sharing the (little) knowledge I know but all the stuff I’m learning about instagram and how to cheat it so that you get seen and in turn your blog gets seen. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Let’s get straight back to it, shall we? 

Hashtags. Use them and tag the s*** out of your snaps

I always get ripped by my sisters and people I see out and about the ridiculous amounts of hashtags I use on my instagram photos. But I literally laugh in their amateur faces. Did you know, you’re allowed up to 30 hashtags on each photo to help spread the word and get you seen? And I use every single one! I’ve done some research on which ones are best for me and a Pinterest is a great tool for this. They have whole databases over there of which tags to use for which photo at which time of the day or night. Cray!

Do a little stalking

I know you’re a stalker. Don’t be coy and pretend you haven’t been red years deep in your boyfriends ex girlfriends page and playing Russian roulette with your fat sausage fingers. Cos we all have! But use your sleuthing stalking skills for the good of your page and blog. Stalk those hashtags. Get liking people who use the tags you use. Go on the popular pages see who’s about. See who the instagram goals follow and where their inspiration comes from! 

Use blog photos

This is a bit of a no brainier but a few people I’ve spoken to when researching for this post have said “duh why didn’t I use more blog photos?!” It’s so simple and easy but plug plug plug! Plug away at the things pure featuring! Even if it’s something small get it up and out there! It’ll be a direct li back to your blog and boom done! 

If you feature a brand – tag the them! 

I have loads of blog buddies and I’ve seen so many recently get reframed or even followed and thanked by huge brands because said bloggers have photographed the brands product beautifully and tagged them to get noticed. This is coverage you cannot buy

Update your bio and put in where you’re from

A lovely brand PR told me before that my location or rough location should always be in my bio so brands can see if my demographic or whereabouts is relevant. A quick and sure way or weeding through the massive crowd of bloggers out there. 

Your bio is your first impression if you like. It’s the chance to give whoever is visiting and reading a snapshot into who you are what you offer. I think of mine as a business card. It has my location age how many times I post a week and most importantly my blog link. 

I really hope my tips help you out

I’ll be checking back soon with any more tips I can to help you all out!

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