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Fish Gape

Are you a selfie queen (who isn’t?). Do you try to get the perfect picture of yourself and your friends? Do you hate the duck face look? Good news!! There is a new trend in town to help you take the perfect selfie and group picture! Enter … the Fish Gape.

Before you panic and flip over to your Urban Dictionary hold off and let me, a normal person of non-Celeb world, explain in everyday terms what on Earth this new trend is!

The Fish Gape: a step away from the Duck face pose, it involves a more relaxed face with the mouth left slightly opened and puckered showing a little teeth. A sort of half smile half smirk look.

The look is very flattering and doesn’t leave you with funny little wrinkles around your mouth, face twitch and most importantly, it looks much more natural. It is easier to achieve and with great lighting can make your face seem flawless!

Fish Gaping - the newest trend

Fish Gaping – the newest trend

I’m sure you’ve seen this new look all over your Instagram and Twitter feeds. Most of the Celebs are Gaping in photos at the moment! It’s much more of a relaxed look and does kind of replicate the look of a small fish gasping for air – but in a much more serene way, of course!

The good thing about this look is that it is much more natural and less over the top than the over done puckered lips look. It gives you a chance to show off your make up without thinking that your cheeks must be heavily contoured – contouring is, like, so last week by the way guys … it’s all about Strobing now. Don’t panic, you can see how to get the perfect Strobing look with minimal fuss and using the most low maintenance items here.

Here’s my attempt at Fish Gaping.

LoveRosiee on Instagram

LoveRosiee on Instagram

I focused on staring straight into my lense with as much of a wide eyed look as I could – I’ve always had eyes too big for my face so, obviously, I didn’t want to accentuate that more than I normally would. Obviously the pose isn’t completely natural so I had to make it look as natural as possible. But, I have to say it was much more comfortable than any Duck pose! I attempted to look slimmer by sucking my cheeks in but not so sure that is portrayed – this is because I still wanted to look like me! The most important part of the look is to RELAX! Believe me, it’ll look much more natural if it actually resembles you! I relaxed my whole face, namely my jaw and slightly smiled and parted my lips.

Overall, I have to admit that I am loving this look! I am not blessed with large, plump lips and though I thought this look would only highlight that, I think the addition of the relaxed face and teeth sneaking through highlights your face shape and lovely eyes!

I am loving seeing this look all over my feeds – it makes for a nice change from everyone having the same facial expression, that’s for sure!




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