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2017 Blog Goals

Happy 2017 everybody!

We’re all in and comfy in our slots for 2017 and I think it’s about time we start setting some goals and smashing some targets! I know it’s in the water right now, everywhere you look bloggers are reviewing themselves and setting goals and it can get a touch tiresome but here’s my go at setting some goals, pushing some positivity and encouraging some community!

Social Media

This year, I’d love to hit some massive numbers on all of my social media platforms but it’s not just about numbers in the blog game. I also am going to set myself the monster goal of commenting on as many blogs in a day as physically possible! I love supporting other blogs and I love the thrill I get out of letting someone know I love their post or content! I also love giving twitter shout outs and I’m going to try and do this on a daily basis!

I am also going to try to post on Instagram at least twice daily. I love Instagram but I am terrible at it. I go through spurts, one week I’ll be posting and updating like crazy, the next week I wont upload anything and wonder why my blog has slumped!

Facebook is such a hard one to crack. I have a blog facebook page (find it here and give it a cheeky like!) but I don’t update it hardly as much as I should. I’m such a bad blogger but it is my goal to make it more accessible and updated!

Here are my stats and goals!

Twitter followers January 2017: 5214

Goal for Twitter following 2017: to reach 10,000

Instagram followers January 2017: 1134

Goal for Instagram following 2017: to reach 5,000

Facebook followers January 2017: 85

Goals for Facebook 2017: 500


Right now, I am back to scaling up my blogging assignments and blog collaborations after changing my job and having to dial down lots of opportunities because of lack of time. If I’m gonna do something, I want to do it right or not at all! Luckily, the days should be getting lighter for longer and I’ve got to a good spot of juggling everything a little more so I’m pleased I can up my game again.

I still post three times a week but I would love to work with more brands in 2017. I’ve been so lucky to have worked with amazing companies already and I’m gonna aim for the stars this year and try my luck with some more…

By midnight on New Year’s Eve, my little blog had reached 77,000 visits! That is INSANE! I can never believe that people take the time to come on over to my blog and see what I’ve been up to!

So, this year we’re taking it full force and I’m aiming to get to 200,000 visits! It’s a monster of a goal but I am going to work my butt off all year to get anywhere close!

What are your Blog Goals for 2017?




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