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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

You wanna talk about Mothers?

You only get one Mum! They care for you, raise you, teach you and show you the way!

Mine is funny, silly and kind and I just love to treat her as much as I can throughout the year. However, there is a special day coming up that means she’ll get doubly treated! Mother’s Day! The one day in the year that your lovely Mummy deserves to do zero cooking, washing, house work (although mine can’t help herself) and also deserves little thoughtful gifts and possibly a glass or two of some fizz! Now, come on guys, after all this time, you know me by now! I am NOT a bragger or a topper – cannot stand those people, you know the ones on Facebook , the #Boydidgood ones and those people who shout about the amazingly expensive gifts they’ve bought their amazing mum who is much better than yours! I overheard someone recently topping his friend regarding Mother’s Day and ended up booking his Mum a weekend in Barbados. I mean, come on! So, luckily for all of us normal people, I have found some wicked gifts for your Mum this year!

Here’ my amazing and much stressed over Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Your mum deserves the best and she also deserves quality. I have worked several times with the amazing Joan Collins Beauty Range and I LOVE their stuff! The packaging is such goals and it is totally suited to an older and more mature lady! The products are such good value and just perfect!

So, why not, this Mother’s Day, splash out and your lovely Mum these gorgeous and luxurious I Am Woman Bath Salts that are enriched with Rice Bran, Grapeseed and Rosehip Seed Oils. These salts smell amazing – pop open the jar and you’re immediately transported to a spa holiday with tingling skin and wet hair!

This mascara is the ideal gift for your well-deserved Mama. It is the perfect formula with the best lash brush I’ve come across in a long while. It’s a thick consistency but not at all gloopy and it actually smells nice – I know that sounds so weird but honestly it does! The brush itself is nice and wide with a soft bristles that cover each and every lash evenly and ensure your eyes get the best framing!

If you’re after something a little more personal and unique, this amazing bespoke light box is the best way to tell your Mum the 10 things you love about her from Find Me A Gift!

I picked this lovely plum and pink personalised light box and was able to pimp out to completely suit my mum and her funny little things!

With so much choice for Mother’s Day on Find Me A Gift, it was a tough job to find one I thought would be perfect for my incredible mum – I know you’ll be spoilt for choice but you’ll be able to find something so special and ideal for that special lady in your life!

This is such a brilliant and unique idea and it can be fixed, tweaked and totally transformed to fit everything like silly in jokes you have as a family to matching the colour scheme in their living room!

This gift in particular is a favourite of mine and I couldn’t resist getting my hands on one for my wonderful Mum! It’s the best gift to give your lovely Mummy to make her feel special and appreciated for all the grief we give her all year round!

 Now let’s talk about high end and luxury for a sec, k? My mum works here little butt off every single day and she deserves a little summin’ summin’ to make her feel like the queen she is! I very rarely splurge on myself but when it come sot my loved ones, I literally cannot help myself! So, this last feature in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide is a touch on the treat side – but it’s oh so worth it!

Enter Amara the Luxury and Designer gift store that has had me hypnotised for the last month! I was a little late to the party with this one – what can I say? I never treat myself and my sisters are amazing organisers so I rarely get a chance to take some time to shop myself. And now I’m about to knock them out of the water!

Inside a small box labelled FRAGILE is a little boxed swathed in protective layers and beautiful scents.

Cote Noir is a faux peony ornament that smells like heaven. Sitting inside a delicate but heavy white glass vase are these gorgeous flowers that look as delicate as a new born but are surprisingly resilient. Just the packaging itself is a win for me. I can already see the look on my mum’s face when she gets just the box!

This gift is a lovely unique one and one that will stop the show! Give your mummy these and she’ll not forget it!

I’m so in love, I kinda wanna keep them for myself!

You can find all of these products here:

Joan Colins Beauty

Find Me A Gift


Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day – you only get one Mum and she deserves the world!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers out there who have raised brave, beautiful and kind children!

Happy Mother’s Day to the yummy blogger mummies out there – you are my hero!





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