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Skintifique | Miceller Water

I love make up! I wear it everyday and I love nothing better than making myself up before a night out. In fact, I enjoy the getting ready part far more than the night out most of the time! I love it all and although I am no glitter-wearing-cut-crease-making make up perfectionist come artist, I can appreciate it 100%. I spend most of my free time that’s not blogging looking at make up applications on YouTube and Instagram – never quite bring able to recreate it myself but that doesn’t stop me! Wanna know the only thing I don’t like about make up? Taking it off. I don’t always wear masses of eye make up or heavy foundation but scraping it all off in the middle of the night 7 prosecco martinis in is not that fun. But, I think I’ve just found the answer!

Skintifique Cleanser P

This Skintifique cleanser is the softest and most gentle thing I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing for my little blog. If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know that I have combination skin; dry on the cheeks and nose and oily on the forehead. This has been compounded by changes in contraception and the ever changing hormones us girls all have to deal with. I have had lots of help from the blog world when it comes to helping out my skin and I have been lucky to not suffer any crazy breakouts so far on the advice I’ve had. But I was always lacking the locking in of any care and moisture in my make up routine – that bit when you get home and you wanna take your make up off in bed while ordering your boyfriend around to find you some fluffy socks to try to mend your sore feet!

With this lovely, light and fresh Miceller Water I can remove my stubborn make up with a wipe, flannel or cotton pad while munching away on mozzarella sticks in half of my pyjamas and one sock. It is fabulous and best of all, effortless!

This clear fluid is almost like water. It is thin and not at all gloopy and it soaks into a cotton pad real easy without sopping through. This moisture is then transferred really easily to your face and sits there while it works its magic of taking off your layers of make up without needing any sort of scrubbing or scratching!

I literally dampen my cotton pad or flannel and gently rub away at my eye make up first then use another damp one to wipe off my face make up. I love seeing all of the layers come off so cleanly and easily and it is no stress!

I love this Cleanser the most because I really feel like it is splash of water being put onto my face! I instantly feel like my face has been moisturised.

Unlike some make up removers and the like, this Cleanser doesn’t leave your face feeling like it needs to crack or is ridiculously tight. It is soft on eyes (obviously try to avoid getting any in your eyes as they are very delicate!) and it smells lovely!

Please go and buy this product for your face and for your sanity! It has helped me in so many ways and I always wake up in the morning feeling like I’ve been to a spa the night before rather than an 80s night at a grotty club!

You can find Skintifique Cleanser P here!




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