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Lee Stafford Wonderball Review

So, I am a really lazy girl. I only contour when I’m going out out (which is basically never) I always plait or braid my hair so I don’t have to even properly dry it let alone style it (kinks the next day are a perfect style) and I have a very small Victoria Secret make up bag that comes with me to work to apply my basic make up every day that by the end of the day has totally disappeared! So when I come across a little life hack that means I can continue to be lazy but look cute, I’m in.

This bad boy arrived at my work looking a tad dubious. They defo thought my blog was getting into some sort of erotica, but no, low and behold Lee Stafford’s Coco Loco Wonderball Wand. The most amazing curling tong I have EVER (yep, that’s right) EVER used!

The gorgeous packaging aside, just look at the unique wand. Colour scheme on point. Copper and white, so Instagrammable!

This wand is infused with coconut oil and it literally feels like it whispers your hair into curls!

I find it so hard to curl my hair. I literally can’t be bothered. All the sectioning and scrunching and spraying. Nah, I’ll just straighten it or stick it up in a messy bun.

This curling wand has completely changed me! Yes, first attempt I did section my hair and take all the care in the world. It worked so quickly and easily and my hair didn’t feel damaged at all.

So, I got cocky. Second time I used it I wanted larger, barrel curls for everyday. Didn’t section my hair or scrunch or any of that nonsense and my hair looked like I’d stepped onto that beach they all seem to live on in the Hollister adverts. Perfect beach tousled stresses with basically no effort!

I have used this wand so many times since I received it for this post. I can’t put it down. I am a straightened hair queen, it’s my look, it’s my identity! But, I use my Coco Loco Wonderball Wand to add volume or kink out those niggly bits. It’s made me want to change my whole hair style and go fro something completely different that would suit big barrel, bouncy curls for summer!

I cannot tell you how much I love this wand and how many people I’ve told about it! It’s my favourite hair product of this year so far! And it’s a bloody steal! At under £30 it’s a fraction of the price of your GHDs that we all know you’re using to curl your hair. Well, ladies, STOP!

There are two different ways to use this wand. For smaller cute curls like the one in my cringe selfie, use thing sections of hair and hold them in between the bobbles/balls for only a few seconds then let go.

For bigger, beachy waves (my personal favourite) get larger sections of hair and wrap them around the fat part of the balls on your wand, only for a few seconds and voila!

This is me, so in love with this product and not giving it away to anyone!

You can get your hands on Lee Stafford’s Coco Loco Wonderball Wand here!




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