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Forza Slenderbind Review


Struggling to get that Festive Splurge shifted and work on your Summer body? They say Summer Bodies are made in Winter but man oh man, when do people find the time? Every time I open my eyes it’s dark. I leave for work, it’s dark; I get home from work, it’s dark. It’s depressing and it feels like there is zero time to do anything at all, let alone exercise and try and work through all of those After Eight’s and Mince Pies I indulged in over Christmas! Luckily, I have found all the help you’d ever need!

Previously, I featured my First Impressions of this amazing Forza product (find I here). If you’ve visited my little blog before, you’ll know that Forza are my go-to brand when it comes to slimming aids and maintaining healthy weight loss. They are such a brilliant brand, one I buy myself and one I have happily recommended to so many people who’ve gone on to love their products themselves!

I have been using Forza Slenderbind on the build up to changing my lifestyle completely. This product served me as a little kick up the butt to get my mind in check and start shrinking my portion size, up my exercise regime and start seeing results in a slow and healthy way!

These Forza capsules are to be taken in two’s fifteen to twenty minutes before a meal. Here’s how my routine fell into place:

7am wake up. Normal morning ritual of getting ready then at 7:50 take two of the soft Slenderbind capsules with a big gulp of water.

Lunch time for me is usually around 2:30 with work but with the Slenderbind capsules it gave me the need to plan my meal times slightly ahead and also made me plan meals rather than just grabbing an unhealthy alternative for time keeping.

Evening meal for me usually sits around 7pm when I get home from work. I’d usually pop two pills as soon as I got in, shower then chow down on a healthy, low carb dinner!

These capsules are not meant to be left on your tongue to “melt” or dissolve and are used to make your tummy feel fuller for longer so in theory you wont need to take in as much food and you’ll feel fuller for longer!

So, what’s my verdict on Forza Slenderbind?

I LOVE them! What a way to start a healthy eating lifestyle! I am not one for taking medicine or any sort of pill at all but honestly with reminders on your phone or conscious decision making, it wasn’t a hard thing to remember. The capsules are an average size and soft so go down a treat and I didn’t feel restricted at all. Some diets or lifestyle plans you go on ban all food or all food categories as well as some drinks and more. With the Slenderbind in my tummy working it’s magic I didn’t have room for bad food or fizzy drinks. I didn’t need to down pints of water to trick myself into feeling full and as soon as I’d taken the capsules it changed my whole way of thinking.

With the capsules working their magic in my system, I was able to think of some healthier choices for food rather than going for the quick and easy alternative of crisps or chips (my food nemesis). And once I was about two thirds into any meal I started to feel full and satisfied. The first day I pushed it and continued eating (not quite in the practice of it yet) and became uncomfortably full. This led to me not eating the third meal of the day as I felt so full!

I love these little pills and will definitely go back to using them for a longer period when I next need to kick start my diet or when I have a cheat day (which I now book into my diary for once a month maximum)!

You can get your hands on Forza Slenderbind here!





** Please be careful with any weight loss aid. The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to take in less calories and exercise more! This is a temporary bridge to start the change of a lifestyle and not a solution to weight loss**



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