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Starr Hair Dressing

I’ll tell you a secret (don’t laugh) I have never ever dyed my hair!

Yep, you read it right. I have the darkest hair, naturally, and I am so protective of it.  I am so protective over my hair that I have never dyed it. I was so scared that any dye on my dark black tresses would turn them ginger and bleach would encourage my hair to fall out! But, now at the grand old age of 25 I decided to branch out and step into the twenty first century with a hair dresser I could really trust! I may seem like a sheltered little girl but honestly, hair is important!

Starr Westwood is the best person I could have trusted with my hair. A qualified Tony & Guy hairdresser by trade based out of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and locally, she’s recently branched out into going solo and she is reeping the benefits of her work. I’d been recommended Starr for months and months and finally plucked up the courage to branch out and get a colour on these locks!

From Starr’s amazing Instagram feed I was able to easily pick a style I knew she could execute well and even give me a little style as an extra. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to my hair and I usually style it myself but I was blown away with Starr’s dressing talents!

I didn’t want to go too crazy for my first toe dip into dying my hair so she recommended I go for a Balayage style to lighten the ends of my hair. 

Balayage styling means the dye is painting on the dye free hand to encourage the look to look as natural as possible. Basically, the main aim of the game is to look as if you’ve been on a lovely sunny holiday and the sun has whipped your hair into sun kissed glory.

I love the foils part of my treatment and I loved that Starr was able to just do it there and then for me in my kitchen! The foils were set and Starr made me feel really at ease for around half and hour while it worked its magic.

The results were subtle but perfect! You can see that the middling to ends of my hair are much lighter but there is not a hint of ginger in sight!

I loved the fact that Starr came to my home, I could have a cuppa and wash my own hair and play with my hair as much as possible.

I LOVE the results. Even though they are crazy subtle I could not be happier!

My hair still feels super healthy and thick and the Balayage colour has kicked in even more after my summer holiday to Florida! 

My hair is so easy to style now and the colour has settled in so well! I love showing it off and seeing people trying to work out what’s different!

Starr’s services and prices are as follows:

Standard Woman’s Haircut – £30

T Section – £35

Half Head Dye – £45

Whole Head of Highlights – £65

You can find her Instagram here and contact her at





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  1. Sian...
    July 12, 2017 / 9:01 pm

    I’m 24 and have never dyed my hair either! I have super dark brown hair and I’m perfectly fine with it! I’ve thought about dying it but I don’t think I will until it goes grey! I love how subtle your new hair is; you can tell you’ve dyed it but it’s not a drastic change! Looks gorgeous!

    Sian x

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