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Summer Lovin’


Summer is in full swing. The sun has arrived, it’s warmer and it is an amazing feeling. With Easter behind us, it’s time to start relaxing into the long, warm and light evenings and time to enjoy spending our time basking in the glorious English sunshine! I have picked out some amazing bits that I am loving this Spring and couldn’t help but share my Summer Lovin’!

I have got three amazing bits to share with you in this week’s post and as soon as I ripped open what the Post Man gave to me, I knew I had to get the material into a post as soon as physically possible!

I am so fortunate to be able to find and review some amazing bits because of this channel and you guys reading and this week has been no exception! I have had some amazing bits drop through my front door and I literally am buzzing to share my love for them with you, this Summer!

Let’s talk make up. I love it and I am a stinge. Yep, you read it right. I very rarely spend any money on myself when it comes to make up because I don’t earn a lot. I have a wish list as long as my arm and feel as if I am missing out a lot on the beauty bloggers world because of my lack of funds. The beauty trends change daily but one trend that seems to be sticking around is how we apply our make up.

I did treat myself to one or two (or 18) Beauty Blenders and was gifted a few from the blog and I fell in love. Last year they were my go to for applying make up. Then came the weird YouTube videos of people using all sorts – and I mean all sorts – to apply their make up.

I’ve seen it all … tampons (clean ones but still gross), condoms, boiled eggs. And, with every new ridiculous beauty applicator my eyes rolled even further back I as frightened at one point they’d stick to my brain. And yet, in the mess of all of this, one product and material championed through!

The silicone trend has lasted through the silliness and oh my good God am I happy to be jumping straight on that band wagon?!

Thanks so the amazing Nikki over at Love Laugh Lipstick, we both won our very own silicone make up applicators from the brilliant Base Beauty. This brand has formulated a cruelty free and super easy to clean make up applicator that doesn’t suck up your make up and waste it. It is so easy to use and has transformed my make up regime completely!

This bad boy is 100% on my Spring Faves list and it HAS TO be on yours!

Another one on the Beauty list has got to be these deliciously stylish and elegant lipsticks from Joan Collins Beauty. The line is called Timeless Beauty and with packaging as beautiful and unique as this – that’s exactly what it is!

I’ve worked with the Joan Collins group a few times (find these posts here) and I have to say that if you want consistently good quality products that last long after the theoretical ink has dried on this here blog post, they’re the brand for you!

These two shades are timeless and beautiful in each their own ways! They are smooth and gentle and will leave your lips feeling hydrated as well as stained in a beautiful pigment. While these lipsticks aren’t what some would maybe describe as high end, they are a luxury to me and so Instagrammable – which is, like, the most important thing about anything I buy!

If we follow the skincare breadcrumbs all the way to Instagram, it wont be long until you stumble upon face masks. Face amsks have always been big business in the blogging world and they are only getting bigger. Whether its face masks that you can remove using a magnet and pressure on the skin, charcoal ones that pull out your black heads (which is totally gross but so satisfying all at the same time) or the GlamGlow range – face masks are everywhere right now!

I was lucky enough to trial the GlamGlow mask this week and I have to say, I am so happy! One of those brands that are huge at the moment who approach you for an honest review – makes me love blogging more! Emphasis on the honest bit. Cough cough!

This small tube went a long way – believe me! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen me documenting my Saturday night trying out this thick mask! It was a laugh and it was amazing!

LoveRosiee on Instagram

This cooling mud mask tightened and dried within minutes. I could feel it gently tugging at my T Zone (my problem area with combination skin) while it worked its magic on me! Within about 10 minutes it was basically all dry but not cakey or flaky in the slightest. I kept it on for as long as possible, not believe that all of the magic promised would have worked within fifteen minutes.

So, after about 30 minutes of pure pamper and a Monopoly session, I gently wiped off the mas with skin sensitive face wipes and washed my face. My skin immediately felt so soft and blemish free. What was before lumps and bumps of residue of old spots, dry skin and the threatenings of new craters on my face was now lump free and super soft.

As if by magic, the GlamGlow mask had wiped away any residue of bad skin and left my T Zone feeling soft and spot free. Now, a week on my skin is as dry as it was but not reactionary or as bad as it was. It has had zero break outs in a week – a very tough week for a woman, ya feel me!? – and I am so happy about it!


My Summer Loves have been well documented on my Social Media and I am so buzzing to share them all with you, finally!

You can get your hands on all of these amazing products here:

We Are Base Beauty Make Silicone Up Applicator

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Lip Sticks

GlamGlow Mask

What would be on your Spring Loves list?






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