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Summer Hair Styles | The Top Knot

Summer is just around the corner! The sun should be coming out to see us and we are SO ready! But, fashion and beauty should not have to take a step back into the sweaty shadows! I have been searching high and low for beauty looks that will kill for real but also keep me cool! Enter, the top knot! Not sure what it is? Just google Khloe Kardashian – she’s the master! If you’ve hopped over ot my blog before, you’ll know that I’ll try ANYTHING once – so here’s my The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for the Top Knot for Summer Sixteen!

khloe top not

So, let’s start with the positives shall we?

The Good

  • My hair was kept right out of my face all day
  • The style was super easy to do
  • It was effortless and didn’t hurt my head like some styles
  • It is on trend
  • I did receive compliments from strangers
  • While getting all hit and sticky nothing got stuck to my face
  • I could style it with lots of different accessories like sunglasses, cute scrunchies etc.hun flick
    he Bad
  • My sisters kept asking me if I just couldn’t be bothered to straighten the top of my hair so left it up, had to laugh at that one!
  • It showed off any kinks/imperfections in my hair that would usually be covered – YES, I found my first grey hair. Cry!
  • It felt, kind of, half done – it’s great for minimal effort, but I really felt under done!
  • MY little baby hairs were out for everyone to see!hun smile
    The Ugly
  • I did my top knot in super clean hair – so it kept falling back down and looking like a weird back bun circa 1997
  • I do not have the same gorgeous features as the amazing Michelle Keegan or Khloe K to pull off the bare look
  • Any sort of hair misdemeanor – a spot of dandruff, a grey hair, a weird birth mark, will be spotted and not unseen!
  • If you have thick hair like me, you need to seriously reinforce the look with lots of pins etc.front on hun
     am still a big fan of this look. Key thing to remember is to do it in slightly dirty hair and to have supportive people to check for those naughty hair mishaps, nearby! I will be trying this style again – as it’s so big right now! I a hoping with incoming sunshine I will learnt to love it!





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  1. November 15, 2016 / 4:23 am

    I could not stay away from commenting. Well written!

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