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Impress Yourself

What’s the best way to put the finishing touch to your outfit? The most versatile and simple way to dress up every kind of outfit. Whether it’s a winter walk with your beau, a trip to the pub with mates or a night on the tiles with your crew, Impress Nails are the best way to add that extra sparkle to your outfit! It is the most simple way to adding extra pizazz to your look and done in quick time and with maximum effect. Here is my Impress Yourself post featuring Impress Nails!


Recently, I received a stock pile of these beauties to trial out for my little corner of the internet. I was so excited to receive them as they came in so many different varieties … not just your plain French manicure type or basic shade that you could emulate at home.

Oh no, Impress Nails had me shouting “yaaas girl” at myself over all the different styles. If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know I am a bit of a nail art addict … some girls spend hours watching Youtubers or make up tutorials, I spend my free time mastering tricky nail art ideas I’ve seen in videos and GIFS. I am a sad person but I LOVE nail art!


That’s why I was so chuffed with Impress. I love that their styles are both diverse but not crazy out there. And, best bit?

They’re so frickin’ easy to use with minimal residue damage!

Here’s how you apply your Impress Nails:

First, take off any products remaining on your nails

trim and file them, ensuring they’re clean

dry them off completely

take out each nail, measure them up to your own fingers and lay them out so they’re accessible

always leave your thumb nails until last – trust me!

start with your pinky finger – my main advice would be to use your weakest hand to apply your first set of nails as it gets harder to apply them with longer alien talons attached to your usually free fingers!

peel off the inner plastic covering on the nail and place it on top of your nail

press firmly on the centre of the nail then onto each side

keep applying pressure to the nails as you apply the rest

finish by sticking on your thumb nails

take a little time (five minutes) to rest and keep applying pressure to them to make sure they stick


It’s as simple as that! And with proper care these nails can last quite a long time! It isn’t recommended that they stay on your nails for longer than a week but usually they wouldn’t last that long.

I had trialled these gorgeous glitter emblazoned long, squared nails for a romantic getaway with my babe recently and they stuck on through it all … pre-dinner drinks, a three course meal, post-dinner party games and dancing and extra drinks … these little suckers stayed the duration!

While, they looked the part, after about two days they did start to feel loose. I am a bit of a perfectionist so when this happens I get in the habit of whipping them off completely and starting again.

This was not bad going though! For something that I’d guessed would be falling off every time I went to the toilet or ping off with ever check of my handbag.


Overall, Impress Nails are a win for me! I love them! If you use them for their purpose and take good care of your nails then you can take full advantage of looking sexy in the hand department!

You can find Impress Nails here!




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