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Strong Girls Don’t Blend In

So many bloggers inspire me to embrace eye make up fears. If you are like me and find the youtube tutorials and snaps all a bit scary then you need to give these girls a read! Alex over at the Lipstick Lady does amazing tutorials on Snapchat and is just so lush! Leah at Devoted To Pink is a glitter princess dream – her posts and eye make up tutorials are perfectly rustic and friendly! And Sabrina from A Little Obsessed has got me obsessed! So, when I got chatting with the amazing PRs over at The Body Shop about their newest cruelty free and vegan eye make up palette that launched at the end of July, I took the plunge and offered to review it. Scary for me – an eye make up/smoky eye/ coco the clown hater! But here it is!


So, this palette is quite small and compact – perfect for a beginner like me! It has been emblazoned with the labels of cruelty free and fully vegan – an amazing feat in the current beauty world – and one that should be more widespread … if The Body Shop can manage it, why can’t other brands!?

I am one for a love of packaging. Packaging is so important for first impressions and for customer satisfaction – who would want to spend a bomb on something that came in a cheap and nasty box? The packaging for the Body Shop’s pallet is perfect! It’s sleek, black and simple look makes it so easily Instagrammable, it’s dainty size makes it perfect slipping into your bulging make up bag or bringing out with you for touch ups. The card slip it is homed in makes a lovely easy tutorial for those that need a little prompting (like me).

bodyshop make up2 bodyshop make up bodyshop

I love this pallet! All of that extra effort a brand like The Body Shop goes to is so easy to see in such a brilliant product! This quad is a part of a whole selection that was launched in stores at the end of July – there are lots of different kinds; the smoky grey one (the one in my photos), smoky gold, smoky brown and smoky plum being just a couple. Each little pan is removable from its spot in the pallet and can be switched around with the others to make your ultimate blend and have complete free reign over your look and style without having to carry around 569684 different products!

Application of this little product could not have been easier! The powder isn’t cakey or too thick. It is a nice smooth consistency, so easy to swatch for you swatch lovers! For those a tad nervous about applying such dark colours – don’t be! It doesn’t flake off or go everywhere like some products. With the right tools and enough practice you really can achieve a great look!

The product itself alludes to three different looks using only the pans supplied. Starting with a softer and more subtle look, going into a medium range look that would be suitable for both day and night; then a darker and ore blended look that would have people envious of your make up!

bodyshop flatlay

This product is so diverse and be matched with anything you have at home. I am a bargain blogger and proud. This means that my extensive make up collection boasts anything from a range I reviewed that runs in Poundland, free magazine bits and more expensive pieces I’ve treated myself to. you will not, however, find any major designers or crazy expensive brands in my collection. This si for two reasons:

One being that I am poor and would rather spend my hard earned cash on cocktails and dates with my love.

Two is because I’m not so sure my audience is flash with the cash. We all graft and earn our money – if you choose to splurge on make up go ahead, we all wish we could join you! But, if your earnings are something you try desperately to keep your hands on then hopefully reading my blog will be a small insight into living on a budget. loving it and still looking good!

bodyshop selfieThe Body Shop is one of my favourite skincare brands and their make up collections are growing everyday! I adore their ethos of cruelty free and using natural ingredients that are available to vegans and the like!

This product has been a big win and has found a secure place in my make up bag! I am so excited that a lovely little product could unlock some insecurities and open my eyes to edging into more daring eye make up!

This line is still fairly new but should be in your local chain already. The ,any different pallets are also available online – click on the link for a snoop and shop!




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