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Boho For Autumn

The bells have tolled, Autumn has cometh! The Autumn wind is blowing in and with it comes the bright red, crunchy leaves, rainy evenings, snuggled nights in and Boho. Boho is a notorious summer trend, one that I have been rocking for as long as the sunshine broke out from its cloud prison! But, this gorgeous summer trend is about to take a big step into your comfy Autumn wardrobe. Picture it, jumper dresses, long boots, blanket scarves and all the Boho you could dream of! That’s where TrendyFrog comes in! A budget online store that has an encyclopaedia of everything you’ll need as we transition and as we sit comfortably in one of my favourite seasons!


While you may think Autumn is a time for covering up and basics – all in block plum colours of course – this amazing season can be all about those perfect accessories that will make any outfit stand out!

TrendyFrog is a UK based company that was founded in 2009 and had the idea to design and sell jewellery on Ebay. They’ve evolved and moved with the times recently and have opened up their own online jewellery store that is bursting with all of the Boho delights you could ever wish for!


I was lucky enough recently to have my pick of some of their enormous stock and found myself in jewellery heaven! If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am addicted to jewellery – give me all the stackable rings, turquoise accessories and chokers I can get my hands on and I’ll be anyone’s!

 I was really pleasantly surprised with TrendyFrog for lots of different reasons. The delivery was fast and although the packaging of the bits wasn’t the most Instagrammable thing I’ve ever seen, it was perfect. Everything I received came in lovely, dainty little pockets that would fit perfectly in your vanity mirror drawers, or popped away to protect the lovely silver trinkets inside. They aren’t bulky or over the top and they show off what’s inside perfectly!

I had a choice over what I received from TrendyFrog and found whittling down my decision very tricky! I kept having to come back to certain items that I loved and putting items I knew would fly off the shelves in my basket. It sounds like fun but I ended up quite stressed … first world problems yaaah no!


So, first up picked the loveliest Hamsa hand finger chain – as seen above. I have ricidulously small hands so it’s always a worry when I order these things, but I was pretty happy with the fit of the chain and how adjustable it was. The photo does it absolutely zero justice – it is an amazing silver piece that is delicate but a total statement – one I’ll be rocking this summer with a khaki boyfriend coat for sure!

I also managed to get my hands on a silver charm chain anklet. Similarly to the hand chain it sits around your ankle and slips in between two toes to give the illusion of gorgeous sandals, with none of the price tag! I literally have not taken it off! It’s completely overtake all of my million conventional anklets – it is so gorgeous and makes me feel as if I am constantly walking along sunny shoes, dipping my toes in the sea!


I was totally spoilt for necklaces too! Unless you’ve been living under a rock all summer you’ll know that chokers are the next big thing! I am addicted – I want them all! I curse the silly fourteen year old me who got rid of all of the black, stretchy chokers I’d saved from Smash Hits Magazine! This gorgeous choker has that extra edge with the Cross pendant that adorns your throat and shows off all of your sassiness!

I love moonstones at the moment too! Maybe it’s my inner witch, maybe it’s my inner magpie. Either way I have fallen for moonstones in every colour! I picked a red one from TrendyFrog to match all of those berry and red tones coming soon this autumn!

What would you pick for Boho this Autumn?

Find TrendyFrog here!




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