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Twitter Blog Chat List

If you are a blogger like me, you’ll know that twitter is one of the biggest drivers of traffic. But to be able to gain the most traffic you must engage on twitter … no one likes that person who spams their links constantly but doesn’t actually add anything relevant to your feed! One great way to do this is to join in the many Twitter Chats out there! From my first few weeks in blogging I learnt that this could mean making so many new friends, contacting brands and having the community at your fingertips! It is so important to support your fellow bloggers and engage in the silliest and most serious of conversation! So, here is my little help to you – a directory of all of the Twitter Chats that you’ll ever need to join in on!


6pm: TheGirlGang Chat – run by Dorkface and fellow Girl Ganger’s AKA #TheGirlGang

7pm: Blogs Do It Better – AKA #BDIB

7pm: Joe Blogs #JBTalks

8pm: Fashion Bloggers AKA #Fbloggers

8pm: Health Hour Chat

9pm: SassyBlogChat – run by Coconut Lane for Coconut Queens AKA #SassyBloggers


7pm: Askablogger run by Blogsallbeauty AKA #askablogger

7pm: Book Bloggers

8pm: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Chat AKA #Fblchat

8pm: FABbloggers run by LovelyNiceYou AKA #FABbloggers

9pm: BlogHour


7pm: Lifestyle Bloggers AKA #Lbloggers

8pm: Beauty Bloggers AKA #Bbloggers


7pm: Crazy Bloggers run by Holly Cassell AKA #CrazyBloggers

8pm: Fashion Bloggers AKA #Fbloggers

8pm: Food Bloggers AKA #Fdbloggers

9pm: Cruelty Free Bloggers AKA #cfbloggers

9pm: Travel Bloggers AKA #Tbloggers


7pm: Gorgeous bloggers AKA #gbloggers

8pm: Bloggers Do It Better AKA #BDIB

9pm: UK bloggers


3pm: Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Chat AKA #Fblchat

6pm: Social Bloggers

7pm: Every Blogger


5pm: Pick A Blogger AKA #PABchat

7pm: Lifestyle Blogger AKA #Lbloggers

8pm: Beauty Bloggers AKA #Bbloggers

9pm: Parent Bloggers AKA #Pbloggers

Enjoy chatting – be open and kind!




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