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Autumn/Winter Boxsets P2

So, even since I put together my first instalment in my Autumn/Winter Boxsets the temperature has dropped, the rain has got heavier and my chunky knits have made a protest to stay. Winter has definitely started to make an appearance and those bells are starting to jingle. That means one thing, your purse strings are starting to feel a little tighter. In my case they’ve got you in a strangle hold that’ll last until at least min January. What a jolly season! So what best remedy do we have to alleviate the symptoms of winter? The second part of my Autumn/Winter Boxsets installed the? Oh go on then!


If I ask you to watch one thing this chilly season it’s Stranger Things. This is one of the best box sets I’ve had the pleasure of watching for a very long time! I watched this in October before Halloween and I fell in love with it. And so did everybody else it seems. I’ve seen knitted Elevens, baked bikes and more on my social media channels and every time I turn on TV I see the actors chatting about the series.

Now, you need to know that this is only one season for now so you will be left feeling bereft when it finishes. However, the second season has been confirmed but we’re only at the start the waiting game.

This programme is unique and amazing. It follows a family and a group of school friend of school ages and you’ll literally fall in love with them! Give it a chance if you aren’t sure at first I promise you’ll be hooked in no time!

My favourite thing about Stranger Things is the music. The people behind it have done an amazing job with the sounds and music and it is such a good taking piece once you’ve seen the season!


Peaky a lingers is one of those TV shows I’d heard lots about but I wasn’t even sure what it was! It sort of fell in my lap one day so we decided to give it a go. Then I lost like three weeks to it.

A big win for this one was that my lovely boyfriend really enjoyed it! He is easy going but after a few episodes of Criminal Minds I can see him waining and getting bored. Not with Peaky Blinders.

It’s a great prgramme with a good few series already so you can get stuck in without the dread of a massive cliff hanger and nothing to pull you back from the edge! The story lines are brilliant and very original!

I spent almost the first series placing the actors from where I’d seen them before which is always fun!


11.22.63 is an epic. I will warn you it’s only 8 parts and there has been no confirmation of another season any time soon so fill your boots with what you can!

Pit follows James Franco (swoon) as he goes on a trechurous and difficult journey to stop an event from happening to change his own life and future. It is far fetched and silly and I was hooked immediately!

It’s one of hose shows that leave you feeling sad once it ends. Like me, you’ll become totally involved with the characters and the story line and you’ll love every second of it.

You’ll live through that constant struggle of desperately wanting to know how it ends, wanting to watch more and not wanting to know anymore to stay in the perfect stillness of the limbo between episodes!

I cannot recommend these to shows enough. They will transform a once sad Saturday night in into one where you try to keep your eyes open to see the next episode! Couple bonding time eat your heart out!




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