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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Hands up who’s spent all of their Christmas budget already? Hands up who is ready to get wrapping and start giving the gifts away? Hands up if you’ve forgotten to buy Christmas cards? Holla at me! Now. before you skip off and buy some generic and, well let’s face it, boring, Christmas cards you have got to see what I’m featuring just for you! No need to shuffle out of your comfies (I know you’re sat on your phone, all cuddled up in your pjs!) because this little gem can come to you right from where your sitting at the touch of a button… Choosey! Hit the link and all your problems will disappear! OR, wait till the end of my post for how to enter my giveaway AND get a hefty discount!

I love a good Christmas card, I love receiving them and I love giving them to people I love. But, ya know what I love more? Innuendoes and naughty stuff! Yep, keep your old fashion cartoon Santa’s, your blurry Robin red breasts (lol) and your boringly naff traditional Christmas cards that’ll send you to the land of nod before you’ve read the inside message! Nope I want to send my Nan a card that says: Merry Christmas Tinsel Tits! I know she’ll appreciate it, and even if she doesn’t get it my mum will LOVE it! You might think I’m an absolute loon but come on… it’s time to step into the new flow of Christmas cheer and laughs!

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Choosey are a hilarious, unique and great value company based online who guarantee your Christmas will not only be fun but a proper lol when it comes to opening your cards and gifts!

Every one of these cards are £2.99 each and they come in an a5 size, so bigger than your average Christmas card and you can edit and add to them as much as you want.

You can have them sent to you or edit them and send them straight over to the recipient.

And, with the help of the nifty Choosey app, you can add a visual or video to the inside of your card that can come to life for the card recipient!

Wanna know the best bit about Choosey?

By following the link below, you can enter my giveaway with Choosey for the chance to win £40 worth of their amazing Christmas cards!


Can’t chance it? Use my code: BGCHRISTMAS16 to get 25% off right now!

This giveaway is running for a very short time so get entering RIGHT NOW!




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