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Can a woman be a domestic Goddess and have a career?

This question is something I stumble across quite often in my twenty something life.


I am twenty odd, I own a house, have a job and attempt to juggle all the things that come with being an adult. But I feel like society puts too much pressure on young women today and makes them feel as if they still do not have it all.

Whilst watching the Great British Bake Off and nibbling on some delicious blue cheese and crackers and sipping on some Merlot I realised that maybe the thing I would want most in life is to stay at home and bake all day and be a lady of leisure.


Society tells us we have to go to University and work painstakingly hard to get a job that is low paid and not even slightly what we dreamt about whilst staring into a can of baked beans in a grotty halls wishing for our real life to start.

We struggle along, a cog in a machine that runs over the little guy and puts money into other people’s pocket. We are criticized if we want to plan a family or God forbid have one child then have another in quick succession.

I don’t think I’m the only one that struggles with the battle of wanting to be a career driven woman with lots of money and company perks and the want to be at home baking and beautifying – God knows that can take all day!!

I struggle on a weekly basis with the fight between needing to stay in a job because of the money and comfort and wanting to move because I feel I can have better. Society and people around us put so much pressure on our shoulders – and when will it end? Many times at work I’ve heard conversations that go something like: “I won’t work once I’ve had kids” and “I will only take a few months off but once the kid is crawling I’ll be back at work!” Who has written the book on what is the right thing to do? Who has decided, no, laid the gauntlet down and demanded women be put under pressure!? It’s so unfair!


Photo Cred: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/51791464442005110/

The Great British Bake Off is a great reminder that passion and hard work really do pay off. The program shows that with grit and determination, you can reach your target and really impress others and even yourself!

I am a terrible baker! I’ll admit it! I’ve had more cake disasters than you’ve used make up wipes! Cooking I can smash … need a homely lasagna or roast? I’m your girl! Need a delicate, light and fluffy cake? Ask my sister! (No, seriously, my little sister SHOULD go on Bake Off!) I love Bake Off and think it should go towards giving people a kick up the butt! It’s OK to be passionate about something. You should be passionate and have a hobby or something you do to take time away from your stressful. It’s a celebration of talent and it’s home grown – what could be better?

So, let’s show some support to the girls who are struggling to come to terms with the real world and instead of cutting each other down we should stand together and boost our fellow women – we all struggle with life!