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Top 10 Halloween Horrors!

Love Halloween? Love a good scare? This is the list for you! I am a huge fan of Halloween and all that comes with it! I love decorating the house, buying sweets, planning parties – for both adults and children, and I love dressing up and going the whole hog! Halloween not for you? This is the perfect post …. here I’ll list my Top Ten picks of the BEST horror films – perfect for getting you into the spooky mood! Enjoy!

**Be prepared that this post contains lots of SPOILERS!**

10. I am easing you in with this one in last place. I wouldn’t actually class this as a horror but I’m being kind! In tenth place, we have The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is a film aimed at children (although it totally freaked me out as a child so wouldn’t recommend) that follows Jack Skellington (original, I know) who lives in Halloween Town. He is unfulfilled by his town, not quite fitting in. He discovers Christmas town and many other odd things and doesn’t quite understand it all. It’s a good, easy watch with a great, child friendly soundtrack – perfect for a playlist for carving pumpkins with any little ones!

9. Enough of the nice horrors, here’s where it gets real. Be prepared! In ninth place we have Insidious.  This one is a definite watch – if you haven’t already!! It is spookily set in a time that could be now. It follows a normal family whose son is in a coma of sorts following an unknown but, none the less, mystery incident in the attic of the family home. The son remains in this coma for almost the entire movie – but we are entered into the dark side of his condition. Dalton, the son, is stuck in a realm between death and reality, being held there by scary ghost/limbo creatures! It is a great watch with lots of twists and turns. The actors do a great job of making the entire film very convincing and it will keep you hooked until the shock at the end!

8. Eighth place goes to a Golden oldie. Nightmare on Elm Street. This film is quite old compared to today’s standards. It was made in 1984 and some of the graphics are cringe worthy compared to today. But it has a very young and very handsome Johnny Depp. The film follows a handful of High School kids in America, who live on Elm Street. These kids are being tormented in their sleep by a disfigured and scary looking man with knives for fingers – the infamous Freddy Krueger! He invades their dreams and kills them from the inside out! This movie is terrifying!! The kids aren’t ever safe – once you fall asleep there is no saving them! A Great Halloween watch and a film that leaves you feeling haunted for days after!!


7. Amityville Horror! This is a great yet under valued horror! And, best of all, it stars a VERY toned and BEARDED Ryan Reynolds! I mean, come on! That’s a win right there, surely! Even if you don’t listen to the film your eyes will be pleased for its duration! Yum. Anyway, back to the film. Amityville Horror is based on a young family that moves into a lovely new house – suspiciously low priced (my horror senses tingle), to start their new lives together. What the family find out is that the previous owners of the house were involved in the most gruesome and horrific mass murders. We are lulled into a false sense of hot Ryan Reynolds security until strange things start happening in the house. First, the young daughter starts to see people then slowly but surely Ryan’s character completely freaks out and becomes a murderous and horrendous man! The entire film unfolds in twists and turns of horror and shock! It’s brilliant! If you want to be truly rocked and scared this is the one for you! A great film with amazing extra perks and a happy ending. Perfect!

6. In sixth place comes a Halloween classic. Scream 2. This is such a good film! It’s one of my ultimate favorites that I could watch all year round – even when it isn’t Halloween. It’s timeless and chilling! It’s set some years after the original (don’t worry I’ll cover the original soon) when the main characters are in College. Everything seems to be fine … until a NEW ghost face starts a killing spree all over again! The best original characters reappear – I love the characters of Dewy and Gale Weathers. They add the perfect horror mix of scare and comedy – keeping it light is key, of course! It’s fast paced and true to the original – a great (and rare) sequel to an amazing breakthrough film! You become totally engrossed in the film and all of the characters and once the killing starts, it’s on a freight train with the list of suspects getting shorter and shorter. It leaves you guessing right up until the big reveal – and even then you’ll never guess! A Halloween must see!!


5. Half way there, you still with me? In fifth place is a film that set itself apart from all the others and has been replicated heavily ever since. Paranormal Activity. Two characters film themselves on a flip camera (if it’s your first time watching, I’d recommend some anti-sickness pills – it gets a little shaky) while strange paranormal things happen in their little starter house. The reason why this film is so incredibly scary is because you physically cannot see the thing making the scariness happen. It is a chilling watch and the first of its kind so incredibly original for it’s time! It is spooky and scary – even today, even after its been replicated so many times. A great film for to get you in the Halloween mood.

4. Nicely following number five is Paranormal Activity 3. It is a sort of prequel to the first film. It follows Katie (from the first film) and Kristi (her sister, from the second film) as two little girls. Again the flip camera is the main element to the film. This time the filming comes from the Mum’s new boyfriend, a wedding videographer who decides to film the little girls once it becomes clear that the youngest has a spooky imaginary friend. The filming occurs and it becomes clear that the house is haunted by spirits. The characters do some research and discover that the house and extended family may be linked to a coven. Enter crazy paranormal occurrences and spooky happenings and a terrifying film! This one, in my opinion, is better than the first. The element of the little girls, imaginary friends and the invisible friend would be enough to send chills down your spine!


3. We’re getting close – stay with me! In third place is the classic, the amazing, the terrifying Scream. Enter the now infamous Sydney Prescott who is left bereft after her mother was raped and killed. A succession of deaths happen in her neighborhood – to which we are front row viewers to the horror and torture! Sydney becomes inserted into the middle of the murders when she is targeted but escapes. The story unfolds where we start to link her mother’s death to the new, gruesome killings happening all around Woodsboro. The killings are gruesome and overly torturous and the main characters are killed off one by one. It’s terrifying with lots of twists and turns and the end reveal is brilliant! The actors are amazing, the main character is so believable and vulnerable and the story pulls you along every step of the way! A must see for Halloween!

2. The penultimate place goes to the remake of the chilling classic Halloween. Being a twenty first century girl, and all, I love the originals and wouldn’t have had in any other way. That was until these amazing and terrifying remakes happened. They are still set in the 80s but are bone chillingly scary with up to date actors and graphics. I stumbled across the remake one night a couple of years back and couldn’t get through five minutes on my own! It is terrifying with an amazing sound track that will send shivers down your spine! Love Hurts will never ever be played in my house again! The infamous Michael Myers is seen brutally killing his step dad, sister and her boyfriend in the opening scenes. What follows is the brutal murders he commits after escaping from a mental hospital as an adult. He pursues his baby sister and in his own twisted way tries to be with her (take from that what you will). It’s an exhausting story with lots of twists and turns that will leave you checking your front door before bed! A Classic remade perfectly!

  1. Finally, we have made it to number on on my list of Top Horrors! This may not come as a surprise if you’ve read the entire post. In first place we have Halloween II to the second remake in the sequel. We are thrown straight back into Horror-ville with the scariest opening to a film EVER!! It follows straight on from the first film. Laurie, Michael Myers’ baby sister, is in hospital being treated for her many wounds that she received from her twisted murderous brother. Michael continues his terrible Halloween rampage and will not stop until he gets his baby sister all to himself! A terrifying watch!!I have to make a special mention to a Horror that didn’t make my Top Ten but is in no way less scary or gruesome. Recent horrors have a reputation of being over the top with violence and lacking in the actual story. Low and behold a recent Horror that stands alone! Sinister. The scariest film of recent years!! I wont give any of it away – just go and watch it. Push through the terror and witness all that it has to hold. Be warned, you will be terrified for days and days and you will be paranoid. But, it will be totally worth it!

    I hope you’ve enjoyed my Halloween Horror countdown! I have loved putting it all together and making my boyfriend do “research”. By research I mean watch each and every Horror movie I could think of! I absolutely love Halloween and hope I’ve been ale to spread some Halloween cheer!