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My Halloween Costume Picks

Love Halloween? Unsure how to achieve the best Halloween look, on a budget, and without skating between looking silly and not overtly sexy? I’ve got a run down of the best Halloween costumes on a budget for you girls!

It can be a struggle to find the right outfit for the festive season as it is famously joked about that girls can either go all out and look silly or go the other way and look like insanely gorgeous divas. Now, we know that not every girl is blessed with curves in all the right places and are tall with insane hair to match. So I, the normal girl of a normal size, am giving you my run down of Halloween costumes!

Firstly, there are lots of great websites these days to help you achieve your look – whether it’s scary or sexy. Halloween has become more main stream and accessible – even just in the last three or four years. I remember when I was at Uni, getting a costume of any sort was really difficult. Nowadays, all you need to do is type in “Halloween costume” into your phone and BOOM! It’s all at your fingertips!

Amazon is a GREAT place to start. If you are a girl of any shape or size, this website will help direct you in the right direction for your Halloween wants. Better yet, the prices aren’t sky high. Amazon is infamous for it’s great returns policy, so if you’re feeling prepared you could order your choice of outfits with enough time to try them and send any back. Another bonus of using Amazon is that it’s an official site – this means the products shouldn’t be counterfeit or anything dodgy. We all know that Halloween outfits can be quite cheap material – never mind itchy and uncomfortable. So, Amazon is a great reference to buy from.

Halloween at Amazon

Halloween at Amazon

These three outfits caught my eye straight away! I always want to go out and party for Halloween, as well as having a party of my own; these three outfits check off my first rule – you can dance all night and be too uncomfortable. These outfits seem to be stretchy where they need to be and shapely in the right areas too. I always endeavor to go with a scary look – it is Halloween after all, so the first look would be on point for that. It comes with the wig but the shoes are yours to choose (I’d go for heels or heeled boots personally). This first outfit has enough hint of scare but can be added to with creepy make up to finish the look.

The second look is modeled on the scary Chuckie movies – but obviously made up for us sassy females! I love this outfit – it’s perfect for the look I’d want to achieve this Hallows Eve! It’s scary with a hint of sass – added to by the length and your choice of shoe and make up! I’d pair this look with dark eyes and back combed hair – to get the craziest look!

The third look is a LoveRosiee classic. I always want to dress as a super hero for Halloween but never quite manage to do it – I’ve not been brave enough. I love the Super Girl look and think it’s for the hottest of ladies! I’d pair this look with minimal eye make up and shiny sleek hair. Maybe next year!

More Halloween Ideas from Amazon

More Halloween Ideas from Amazon

I absolutely love the Scissor Hands outfit from Amazon. It’s sexy, its on theme and it’s awesome! I’m already planning this as my outfit for next year! It comes with the scissor hands and dress but not much else so I’d have to match it up with over the knee socks and boots just like the picture. Perfect make up match? Pale ish face and heavy dark eyes! I love this look!

This last look for Amazon is actually very similar to my outfit for this year’s Halloween. Yep, I’m going to be Red Riding Hood! I like this outfit because it’s girly and pretty and can be upgraded with the right accessories. I’m planning on having normal straight hair and dark eyes, maybe with some pops of red around the eyes – very heavy on the eye liner!  I am also going to team my outfit with lots and lots and lots of fake blood. I have been experimenting with some claw marks and blood spatters – look out on my Instagram for how it goes!

Another AWESOME place to get Halloween outfits on a fairly small budget is one of my favorites, Ann Summers. With the right mix of sexiness and layering most of their costumes are brilliant. Best thing about buying your outfit from Ann Summers? Because it’s such a reliable store with great materials and durable fabrics you could reuse the outfits year after year. That is, of course, if you are nothing like me. I always end up with beer down one leg (and streaky fake tan!) and fake blood all over myself. Hence why I need to buy a new outfit each year. What can I say? I have a good time at Halloween! So what if there’s a little collateral damage?

Halloween at Ann Summers

Halloween at Ann Summers

Amazingly, these three outfits are ALL £20 each. I mean, come on. It’s silly. I am tempted to buy them all just for any old occasion! I love fancy dress by the way – if you hadn’t got that by now! These outfits are super sexy without being overly revealing. I love the witch dress – it’ super sassy with a flash of cleavage and leg but it can be dressed down with leggings if you’re feeling too exposed.

Better yet, all three of these outfits can be used for Halloween parties and for the bedroom. I wont get too much into that, but you know what I mean!

A perfect mix of sass, style and sophistication. Ann Summers wins every time! And, a huge bonus is that Ann Summers have a range to help add to the look. Whether that be with face paints, gloves or contacts; Ann Summers has it all – online and in store!

I hope I’ve helped you in choosing your perfect Halloween style! I’m going to be Instagramming my outfit during Halloween – send me your selfies on Instagram or Twitter!