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Lean Greens First Impressions

Got that Summer Body yet? How long did your New Years Resolution last? Mine? About a week! Luckily I am back on the keep fit hype – yep, it’s taken me until April to put the cheese and wine down! I’ve had help from loved ones and the hideous giant that stares at me in the mirror and bulges out of my clothes. But I am finding that cutting down food portions, exercising lots and eating as much fruit and veg as possible is the best trick, sadly! So, imagine my excitement when the guys over at Lean Greens contacted me about trying out their SuperFoods Supplement full of super green foods! So here are my first impressions of Lean Greens.

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lean greens tub

This beast of a tub promises to replace all the much needed green nutrients your body needs in one simple scoop of their green powder added to cold water. I was lucky enough to be sent one of their shakers – and I’m thinking this is definitely a necessity as I would not like to shake it up in a glass!

lean greens

So, get to the juicy bit, I hear you cry!

It tastes … OK. Well, it’s an acquired taste that’s for sure! You need to get used to it. It has that fresh cut grass mixed with green tea taste. I have experimented with it a little and have found that ice cold water with it is definitely better (but we all know I’m fussy!) and a good shake never hurts!

I am feeling more refreshed, as I am drinking plenty of water with it! It is not a meal replacement so there is no need to starve yourself or go without! Just a simple cup of green goodness once each morning and you’re set up for the day! I have made a lifestyle change recently, so this is helping to make it easier.

lean greens and shakerr

I am feeling less bloated as a whole and have had more energy in general to work out for longer! Hopefully this will continue and my weight loss/fitness journey will be a positive one!

Lean Greens promises improved bowel health and I am feeling easier movements (sorry to be gross) but only having used the product for a couple of days, my cravings are still as high as ever! This is one thing I am really looking forward to!

I am really optimistic about my journey with Lean Greens and feel like it’s uber healthy and maintainable!

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