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Thank you Post Man! | Bakerdays

Thank you so much to my amazing Post Man! Nope, I’m not being sarcastic, I am genuinely taking this time and platform to thank that special guy in all of our lives. The one who delivers the secret online shopping orders, or like mine, hides them in the recycle bin if he knows the man of the house is around! Wanna know why I am dedicating so much love to old Paul? Because this week he dropped something AMAZING through my letterbox! A CAKE! A cute little 5 inch masterpiece made of flour eggs and sugar. Of course, Paul the Postie wasn’t responsible for this. The amazing people over at Bakerdays were! They’ve invented something that is so ingenious, it’s like, how did we not think of this before!?

bakerday gold marble

This gorgeous tin just for ME came through my letterbox in a package, with sweets and the sweetest card! Imagine a girls excitement! As soon as I opened the box, the smell of cake, sponge and jam filled the air. It was like stepping into a cupcake shop! The cute little trimmings of the tin, which I plan to use ALL THE TIME, the sweets and card were just the icing on the cake – pun intended people!

  full bakerdayscake in tinbakerdays cake

When I opened the cute little tin that showed my lovely boy who the cake was truly for I was greeted by the sweetest design (that I’d been able to design myself) and the cutest little cake! Seriously, hit the link and see how many designs they have! It took me agessss to find the right design and naturally came up with one with a poo on. I personalized the message and being the top girlfriend that I am, I dedicated my Bakerdays cake experience to the most important person in my life, my lovely boyfriend …. who I name poo.  This is, of course, a prime example of just how free you are to design whatever you like on your cake! How many people have a cake with a poo emoji on?!

bakerdays ake

Needless to say we were desperate to cut into it an enjoy it – if it smelt that good, who knows how gorgeous it would taste. I’m picturing Rachel and Chandler in Friends eating the cheesecake right now! But, being the blogger of the house I had to sadly refrain – took a lot of effort – and photograph it in all of its glory before it disappeared!


How sweet is it!? I’m eating it with my eyes right now!

hand with bakerdays bakerdays arm

As you can see, it’s a hefty sized cake. For it to fit through your door, it needs to be around 5 inches, but there are loads of options on sizes!

Imagine, this cake being delivered to relative that lives far away, your bezza on their birthday at Uni or your mum when you’re away! It’s so inexpensive and so genius! I can’t believe no one has thought of it before! But Bakerdays have definitely nailed it!

bakerdays flat lay bakerdays leaflet bakerdays with card

Super cute!

And? How did it taste? Like a cloud of fluffy sponge filled with gorgeous vanilla. It was so light and fluffy. You’d expect it to be battered and bruised but it was in perfect condition. It was one of the best cake experiences I’ve ever had – and we all know how fussy I am!

I love love love this product and think it is such a gorgeous idea – I can see ecstatic friends receiving it in the post and being so chuffed! 

***Wanna know the best it about this cake? You could get your hands on one for FREE in my Twitter giveaway just be retweeting my tweet! The amazing people over at Bakerdays are working with little old me to giveaway one of their gorgeous cakes to one lucky retweeter! And you will be able to fully personalize it yourself! Hit this link to find the giveaway tweet!***




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