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My Slim And Save Journey Part 1

When I set myself a target I really give it everything and go whole heartedly towards it! This has come in handy recently when I got in touch with the lovely ladies over at Slim & Save for a drastic blog experiment. I pride myself as a blogger as committing 100% and being the most honest without being brutal when it comes to trying things out and writing them up. After all, it’s what I would want to read – no transparent false fluff about the same products, an honest and personable approach has always worked for me, though it has got me in trouble on a few occasions. If you’ve been following my blog journey you’ll know I’m a bit self conscious. When I say a bit I mean I go through phases of feeling good about my figure, working out then back to self loathing and insecurity. I know I am not alone but I often feel inadequate and desperate. I had never heard of Slim & Save before I stumbled upon it doing blog research so here is my first of possibly a few posts recording my experiences with the diet.


What is Slim & Save?

Slim & Save is a fairly drastic method of loosing weight. It is an aid for people over the weight of 17st generally (I know, I am not close to that but for the sake of the blog and my sanity ok!?) to help them lose weight and regulate and control their food/liquid intake.

Ultimately, Slim & Save is a meal replacement system and a community. There many different “plans” to follow, depending on what suits you and your lifestyle.

With Slim & Save you’re allowed between 600-800 calories a day.

It is an extremely low calorie diet with no Carbohydrates made up of bars, shakes and meals with the added benefit of a small meal consisting of meat and veggies.

Why I chose Slim & Save

In the last few years I have had the misfortune of suffering with my weight. This has been for lots of different reasons, health issues, being in a relationship, being a girl, hormones. Sometimes, I’ve felt happy and confident in my own skin and other times I’ve felt terrible. Everybody in my life is so loving and encouraging but I always felt like I was bigger than I should be. It’s always been there, ever since I could remember and it’s always been a stigma for myself. I come across really confident and happy but I am so self conscious of my tummy area and hips that at times I’ve refused to leave the house.

Usually, I live a happy and healthy life. I eat all of my fruit and veg and I exercise regularly. I also let myself have a little treat. Cocktails, drinkies and nights out – I’m only human!

However, with the help of lots of diets and exercise, I’ve never been able to shift any substantial weight. That’s why I wanted to try something a little more radical. I wanted to see how dedicated I could be and see if results could really be drastic or happen at all.

My Journey

So, at the start of October I took it on myself to try Slim & Save in the name of blogging, experiment and self-loving. I planned to have three “packs” a day consisting of a bar, a shake, a meal pack and an actual meal consisting of veggies and meat – but no fruit!

I decided I would try my absolute hardest to stick to it 100% to get myself into what’s called Ketosis and stay there!

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the state your body should go into after approximately three days (although each body is different) wherein you should stop feeling hungry generally and your body will start using your fat stores to feed itself rather than carbs!

Although you will still feel hunger pangs every so often, the lack of sugar, citrus and carbohydrates in your body should keep you in Ketosis to ensure you start losing weight in a steady way.

Come back for Part Two of my Slim & Save Journey to see how I started, the highs, the lows and a truly honest review!

You can find Slim & Save here and start your journey today!




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