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October Goals

Happy October! My FAVE month of the year – the time when the leaves are changing, the weather is nodding towards the coldest of spells and your wardrobe gets an injection of berries, boots and woolies!
It just wouldn’t be October without a Goals post, though would it? October makes me so reflective on what the year has already bought us and what is left to achieve now that we are on the Autumn of 2017 – pun intended.

So, here goes; My October Goals

Shall we talk about every blogger’s saddest Social Media channel? 
Who else but Instagram?
The algorithm is killing us, if you haven’t been shadow banned then you are one of the lucky few, and our content keeps getting better and getting knocked back. It has become a chore to many and a pain to lots. But, us bloggers, we need to keep slogging away.
I made it my mission in September to keep my content on Insta fresh and of the best quality and I do feel like I did that. I take my photography really seriously and although I will never be able to create an Instagram theme, I am pleased with my feed!
I am so proud that my following seems to be finally growing! I had hoped I would creep into the 2k territory at the end of September but clearly that was very over ambitious! I have however, grown my following to a healthy 1824. Not gonna break the bank in terms of signing lucrative blogging deals off the back of it, but growth all the same.

Shall we be brave, again, and hope for 2k by the end of October?

I just hope and prey for any growth on Insta for October – keep slaying and keep praying!

Twitter is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish altogether.
Since I started seeing growth of my Twitter around this time last year, it has made an average growth of about 100 new followers a month. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am crazy impatient and as soon as I hit a goal or achievement I already am on to the next one!

However, a total of 6263 followers on Twitter so far is a real reflection of hard work – so I am taking this moment to be proud of myself and my blog’s hard work.

OK, moment over. This month I’d love to be able to hit 6.5k. I don’t know how I am going to manage it except for literally fusing my phone, open to Twitter, to my arm at all hours of the day, but I can at least try!

This month I have been SO proud of my content. And a massive tick goes in the box of wanting to do more fashion posts!

MY Quiz Clothing Collaboration has been one of my most popular posts this year and you can find it here!


I managed to smash through my September goals of blog visits, unique visits and Social Media leads which I am so happy about. This month and towards the end of the year I am planning on writing more helpful posts. Helpful for bloggers, helpful for beauty and more! I found that when I started my blog, I spent half my days pouring over helpful posts with tips and tricks on all sorts of things. So, seeing some success in my numbers, I am going to focus on that and see how it goes!

Wish me luck!



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